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"Ink art like flowers blooming”: Invitational Exhibition of PKU Women Calligraphers’ Works staged

MAR . 14 2017
Peking University, Mar 11:On March 8, 2017, an exhibition entitled “Ink art like flowers blooming: 2017 Invitational Exhibition of PKU Women Calligraphers’ Works,” sponsored by Peking University Alumni Calligraphy and Painting Association, was held in PKU Global College Student Innovating Center. Peking University Executive Vice Presidents Wu Zhipan and Keyang, the famous Chinese calligrapher Yan Gongda, and other guests attended the opening ceremony.
Mr. Yan Gongda said that the word “ink” showed the humanistic spirit of Peking University, and that “flowers blooming” signified PKU women calligraphers’ confidence.

Yan Gongda is making his speech
At the exhibition, 80 calligraphy works composed by 21 women calligraphers who once studied in Peking University were displayed. Apart from few imitations, most of these works were original. They were of aesthetic values not only in their forms, but also in their contents. It was the first time for the excellent female students of the calligraphy training classes to show their works.
The year of 2017 witnesses the 100th anniversary of Chinese Calligraphy Study Association, which was established by students in 1917 with the help of former PKU President, Cai Yuanpei, the pioneer of modern aesthetics in China. A hundred years later, aesthetic education on Chinese calligraphy has flourished once more on campus. In his speech, Wu Zhipan wished the exhibition a great success.

Wu Zhipan is delivering a speech
According to Guo Junjie, the executive president of Peking University Alumni Calligraphy and Painting Association, calligraphy training classes for public benefit have run for over a year, and achieved great achievements. He hoped this exhibition would draw more schoolfellows’ attention to calligraphy and encourage them to create more excellent works so that they could present gifts for the 120th anniversary of the founding of Peking University. The secretary of the association Fang Jianxun also said that PKU women calligraphers had made huge progress over the past year, as they had strong will and spent much time in practice.
As the special guest of the exhibition, Ke Yang showed her love for calligraphy art. She said that many students of the training classes were worthy of respect, because they didn’t stop producing their works even during holidays and the Spring Festival. She thought everyone should make their own contribution to transmitting and inheriting Chinese culture. 

Lin Xiang, a student from the calligraphy training classes and an author of the displayed works, delivered a speech to express the students’ pursuit for calligraphy art. However differed from each other in terms of jobs and ages, their loves for calligraphy were the same. “Calligraphy is the eternal dialogues between thoughts and beauty,” said Lin. “It is also boundless practice and exploration.”

The exhibition

Written by:
Xie Changli
Edited by: Li Ruiqi