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PKU holds the Regional and Countries Research Field Construction Conference

MAR . 13 2017

Peking University, Mar. 8, 2017: PKU’s Regional and Countries Research Field Construction Conference was held at Yingjie Exchange Center on March 8. Chairman of Peking University Council Hao Ping, Vice Chairman An Yufeng, PKU Vice President Gao Song, Director of the Ministry of Education's Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges Xu Tao, China Scholarship Council Secretary-General Liu Jinghui and other school leaders and representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Wang Bo, PKU Assistant President and director of Humanities and Social Sciences Office.

The Conference
Hao first expressed sincere greetings to the attendance of experts and scholars on behalf of the university; he pointed out that Peking University has been promoting regional and countries research as a crucial task for more than one year. Since he worked in Peking University last December, he has long been hoping to organize teachers related to the research filed both in PKU and in countries level to communicate with the Ministry of Education, China Scholarship Council and other government departments. Such action made relevant policies and needs better understood on the one hand, and on the other hand promoted the development of PKU and strengthened service for countries meanwhile.

Peking University was capable of completing the task given by the nation, especially the recent decision on setting up "a regional and countries research institute", building a school-wide research platform, which focused on school-related research organization, combined cultivating talents, academic research and national development strategy together, and created high-end think tank.

Hao delivering a speech
Xu introduced the main functions of the International Division of the Ministry of Education, especially on the registration and construction work of the 2017 annual "countries and regional research center". Liu reviewed the general situation of the state government sponsored study abroad programs,especially the "international regional research and foreign language high-level talents cultivationprogram" and other relevant policies.
In the subsequent discussion session, conferees including Dean of PKU Sanskrit Palm-leaf manuscript and Buddhist Literature Research Institute Duan Qing, Director of Social Science SurveyInstitute Li Qiang, Director of Middle East Research Center Fu Zhiming, Director of Institute of International Economic Research Wang Yuesheng, Dean of School of International Relations Jia Qingguo and Dean of School of Foreign Languages Ning Qi conducted a heated discussion on the issues of regional and countries research field program: organization experiences and funds management, the importance of constructing professional survey database and the non-universal language talents cultivation etc.
At the end of the meeting, Gao introduced the progress of recent reform and construction, emphasizing the importance of integration, convergence and cooperation among disciplines and expressing a wish to promote the construction of relevant disciplines. Hao Ping highly praised the effectiveness of this meeting, deployed the promotion of follow-up work, and emphasized particularly the need to strengthen the organization of similar exchange activities with an intention to enhance the cooperation between PKU and government departments.
Written by: Wu Mingying
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)