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The 2016 “Beiyou Cup” Peking University Innovation Design Competition

JAN . 25 2017
Peking University, Dec. 20, 2016: On the afternoon of Nov. 27, the 2016 “Beiyou Cup” Peking University Innovation Design Competition was held in the Academic Hall of Leo KoGuan Building of Law School. Chen Fangping from School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science won the Special Prize for his outstanding work “I-KING Vector Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.”

Scene of the competition
Vice Chairman of PKU council Ye Jingyi gave a speech first. She briefly introduced the competition, which was held by the PKU Youth League Committee and College of Engineering. Since the launch of the competition in May, 48 works had been received from over 200 students from more than ten schools including College of Engineering and School of Electronics Engineering. These works, covering various fields including production, life, andtransformation of achievements, displayed PKU students’ innovative capability, spirit of practice and humanistic concerns. She wished the contestants success in the competition.

Ye Jingyi speaking
Later, directors of the projects showed and described the works or models’features and application prospects and answered guests’ questions.
After the display, Wang Rufang, Zhang Quanling and Zhang Qiang commented on the competition. They held that works in the final showed PKU students’ capacity ofapplication and innovationin the field of high technology, and hoped that students, by making good use of the comprehensive advantages of Peking University, would combine design, commerce, technology and art in their future works. Based on the grading of the judges and the public judges’ votes, one special prize, two first prizes, three secondprizes and five third prizes were awarded. Li Junkai,vice chairman of College of Engineering councilread out the list of winnersand, together with representative of guest judges, presented the prizes to the winners.

A group photo of guest judges and winners
This competition follows the national strategy of “Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation,” unites different powers, providesPKU students with an opportunity of exhibition, helpsthem show their innovative ability and sense of responsibility. It also sets an example for other students, and contributes to the creation of a good study atmosphere.
List of winners
Special Prize:
I-KING Vector Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
First Prizes:
Lovely Baby – an Appliance for Raising Kids in the Age of Intelligence
Automatic Packaging Device with Speed Rivets
Second Prizes:
Analysis System of the Impact of Urban Natural Gas Pipeline Accidents
Network Based on GIS
In-depth Security and Tracking System of the “Hound” Laptops
High-precision Ranging and Positioning System on the Decimeter Level
Third Prizes
VirReal: A Somatosensory peripheral for Shooting Games
A Generation Software of Finite Element Mesh – MeshWork
Smart Purification Wallpaper of Green Creatures
A Large Scale and Automatic Extraction Device
Aiteyou Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Written by: Shen Yu
Edited by: Xu Penghang