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"Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Salon Series held for international students by PKU

DEC . 27 2016
Peking University, Dec. 26, 2016: From October to December, 2016, PKU holds “Succeeding in China”, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Salon Series for International Students. With the topic of “Leading China, Facing the World, Win-Win Future”, PKU invites PKU professors,specialists from Overseas Student Service Center, experts from Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, international students and overseas alumni to provide guidance and analyzethe current situation for overseas students who plan to start up a business in China.
On October 19, 2016, the first salon session was held in Wangkezhen Building. Notable scientist, specialist in innovative and entrepreneurial area, dean of PKU’s School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor Chen Dongminmade a presentation on the topic of “Leading China, Win-Win Future -- interpretation of the Chinese policy in promoting innovation and interpretation”. He analyzed the context for Chinese government to introduce “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” policy, and highlighted during the process of pursuing sustainable development there remains several challenges to face, in this case, innovation and entrepreneurship plays a crucial role to overcome the obstacles being faced.

Professor Chen Dongmin, speaker of the first session
The second salon session was hosted by Qin Xuezheng, assistant dean of School of Economics. PKU invited scholars Zhang Lihui, deputy director of Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, and Zhang Wenqiong , vice chairman of Zhongguancun Special Zone Construction Promotion Center, to interpret Chinese policies for overseas students to get employed or find an internship in China. As long as the constantly increased demand for international splendid talents, Chinese government has launched plenty of measures to appeal them. On the other hand, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange carried out job fair for oversea talents, invited domestic and foreign famous enterprise to organize special recruitment fair. To work with the policy, Zhongguancun district came out with supporting measures, starting with the visa aspect to provide convenient for international talents to apply for internship or start up a business.

Zhang Wenqiong introducing policies for overseas students to apply for internship or start up a business in China
During the third salon session, Professor Li Yilan of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, , discussed the tips to grasp and identify entrepreneurial opportunities. Li first pointed out current entrepreneurial hot spots in China, then, based on her years of entrepreneurial and teaching experiences, she put an emphasis on figuring out business opportunities before starting up a business. Li discussed the methods to find opportunity sources, the means to predict pain points thoroughly, and the criteria to evaluate opportunities. To sum up, opportunity, team, and resource are not only the three main challenges for entrepreneurs to face, but also the three chief factors to achieve success while starting an entrepreneurship.

Professor Li Yilan interacting with international students
The fourth salon session — “Opportunity, Model, Product of Successful Entrepreneurship”, was held in Student Innovative Entrepreneurship Incubation Space of PKU’s School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Based on various cases and perennial practical experience, Professor Chen Dongmin deliberated over uniting opportunity, model, and product, and talked about the way to achieve entrepreneurship success. Chen argued the core for succeeding is whether the ideas of the entrepreneurs can be agreed by the market. He also pointed out that there are two kinds of resources, namely core resource, technology, intellectual property and team included, and supporting resource, such as preferential policies and consultant. With the hand of supporting resources, entrepreneur holds a higher possibility to achieve success.

Teachers and participants of the fourth salon
During the last salon session, two overseas alumni and two current international students were invited as the representatives of entrepreneurship project. They showed the current situation of their business, and talked about the process and experience while running their entrepreneurship. Professor Chen Dongmin and American alumnus Eric Gass, Project Manager of China Entrepreneur Club, remarked on their presentation, and provided some professional guidance for their future development.

Alumnus from Thailand Zeng Zengjin introducing his entrepreneurship project
Education, serving as a significant component of China’s reform and opening-up policy, undertakes the mission of implementing strategy of invigorating the country through science and talents. One of the noteworthy measures is to assist in overseas talents’ job pursuing and entrepreneurship starting. PKU answers the call of China government’s “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, makes attempts at both educating and practicing innovation and entrepreneurship, and obtains successful outcomes. In the future, PKU will provide further guidance in innovating and entrepreneurship running for international students, in the hope of creating higher value for them on the stage of China.

Written by: Wang Chensiou
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)