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PKU Award Meeting for Advanced Collectives and Outstanding Individuals

DEC . 16 2016

Peking University, Dec. 7, 2016: The 2015-2016 Peking University award meeting in recognition of advanced collectives and outstanding individuals was held at Yingjie Exchange Center on December 7. Nearly 300 people, including PKU Council, Vice Chairman Ye Jingyi, PKU Health Science Center Council Vice Chairman Li Wensheng, school leaders and representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Zhang Qingdong, director of Office of Student Affairs.

The award meeting

Professor Li declared the "Decision on the recognition of the 2015-2016 PKU's Advanced Collectives and Outstanding Individuals". He encouraged these awarded collectives and individuals, whom he called on all students to learn from, to cherish precious honors and redouble their efforts.

Professor Ye delivered the awards to the recipients of " Advanced Unit of Student Work" in 2015-2016. Later, Ye and Li, together with representatives from the functional departments and the previous winners present, awarded the "Advanced Collective" honors and individual honors to the representatives.

The Awarding Session

Sun Yongqi, a doctoral student enrolled in the School of Engineering in 2012, shared his personal experience in academic research. Students from class 5, school of the third clinical medicine, demonstrated their sensationand responsibility of being a medical student and the growth of their class throughshowing their talents and the fruits of their previous activities.

In the subsequent discussion session, honored students, as well as teachers from the functional department and faculties, conducted a deeper communication around topics of “how to center on student”, "how to cultivate talents who leads the future” and “how to exert better influence on class management”.

Ye delivering a speech

On behalf of PKU, Ye addressed all the winners with warm congratulations and reviewed the important events on the road of reform and development in recent years. By summarizing works on students overthe past year, she pointed out that the educational work should abide by the principle of “student-oriented” and aimat cultivating talents capable of leading the future. Finally, she also expressed her hopes that, by practicing the core values and innovations, all of us should be devoted to constructing PKU into a great university.


Decision on the recognition of the 2015-2016 PKU's Advanced Collectives and Outstanding Individuals.

In order to carry out the Party's education policy and enable students to develop morally, intellectually and physically, and moreover become “diligent in knowledge, cultivable in virtue, clear in discriminate and earnest in practice”. According to "Regulations on PKU Student Awards", PKU conducted a series of evaluation, from year summaries, democratic appraisal to comprehensive quality evaluation, which commenced from August and lasted for four months. Based on the series ofevaluation, award decisions approved by the Student Award Assessment Committee and Office of Principal areas follows:

Awarded Lin Zhiming from School of Mathematical Sciences, Hou Chai from School of Basic Medical Sciences and so on,altogether 588 students the title of "PKU’s student model".

Awarded a total of 361 students including Zhu Manlu from School of Life Sciences, and Si Longlong from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, etc. as well as 5 groups, including PKU’s Mathematical Modeling Team and Dancing Group, etc. the title of "PKU’s Innovation Prize".

Awarded Yang Yong from School of Software and Microelectronics, Lin Yi from School of Archaeology and Museology and so on, a total of 4130 students the title of "PKU’s student model".

Awarded Tang Xinwen fromYuanpei College, Jin Anchen from Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ) and so on, a total of 164 students the title of "PKU’s outstanding student cadre".

The 4151 students who havemade outstanding performances in the aspects of moral, academic research, social practice, and literary and sports, are awardedrespectively “Outstanding Moral Prize”, “Outstanding Academic Prize”, “Learning Progress Prize”, “Outstanding Scientific Research Prize”, “Social Work Prize”, “Public Welfare Prize”, “Wusi Sport Prize” and “Honglou Arts Prize”.

Awarded 45 advanced collectives, including undergraduate class enrolled in 2015, School of Journalism, Communication and class of medical english,and Faculty of Foundational Health Science Center, etc. the title of “PKU's Advanced Collective”.

Awarded 84 advanced collectives, including Class No.4 of undergraduate class enrolled in 2013, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering (CCME), and doctoral class of Graduate School of Education, etc. the title of “PKU's Advanced Academic Atmosphere Collective”.

Awarded 8 advanced schools, including College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering (CCME), School of Life Sciences, School of Earth and Space Sciences, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), School of Foreign Languages, Law School, School of Nursing and the Third Clinical medical school, the title of “PKU's Advanced Unit of Student Work”.

These Honors encourage the awarded collectives and individuals to cherish precious honors and redouble their efforts to achieve new accomplishments in the future. And all students should learn from them,keep forging ahead with innovation, andspare no efforts to be an excellent figure with sound personality, innovation spirit, practical ability and global vision.All teachers and students should assume the historical responsibility entrusted by the state and the people, work hard and strive to achieve the Chinese dream of realizing great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Peking University


Written by: Wu Mingying
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)