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2016 Annual Scholarship and Research Grant Awards Ceremony Held at PKU

DEC . 16 2016

Peking University, Dec. 13, 2016: On December 2, 2016, 2016 Annual Scholarship and Research Grant Awards Ceremony was held at the Sunshine Hall of Yingjie Exchange Center, Peking University. More than 40 units and individuals that hand out awards, Ma Jianbin, deputy director of the National Center for Financial Aid, school administrators and research grant and scholarship winners including teachers and students this year attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Deng Ya, President’s Assistant and Secretary General of Education Foundation.

Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, welcomed and thanked all the guests and friends who attended the ceremony and extended his heartfelt congratulations to all the teachers and students who were commended in his opening speech. He noted that 2016 was an important and fruitful year during which all-around in-depth reforms were implemented and achievements attained.

This year, teachers represented by professor Cao Wenxuan from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and professor Yu Kongjian from School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture either received international awards like Hans Christian Andersen Award or were elected domestic or foreign academicians thanks to their outstanding achievements in their own areas and great contributions to the country and society. Students represented by Chen Fangping from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and Li Yujian from the School of Arts achieved great performances in scientific research and study, art and sports, exchange of practice and other aspects, therefore taking many domestic or international scholarships including National Scholarship and patents home.

President Lin noted that amid the deepening comprehensive reforms, teachers and students should keep their aspiring momentum. In addition, he hoped that teachers could further release their potential creativity and students should not only harbor ambitious aspirations but also have a down-to-earth attitude and attach personal developments to the national well-being.

Wu Zhipan and Ye Jingyi introduced the evaluation of research grants for teachersand scholarships for students this year, respectively. Since the school has received strong support from donors, this year the research grants for teachers include 16 categories. 240 teachers won the awards and the reward amount totaled 11.92 million yuan. What’s more, Peking University has also set up the Tsang Hin Chi Excellent Teaching Award with an annual grant of 800,000 yuan to reward Peking University's teachers who love teaching and have made certain contributions in the field of teaching.

This year the selection process of the research grants for teachers is standardized and the conditions are strict, reflecting the principle of fairness and openness. The selected winners are outstanding representatives of various disciplines. As for the students, the school set up a total of 77 school-level scholarships totaling more than 4,000 million yuan, which was shared by more than 5,000 students. The students have made outstanding performances not only in studying, but also in other areas. In general, they are the distinguished ones with overall high quality.

Wu extended warm congratulations to the award-winning teachers and heartfelt thanks to the units and individuals that hand out awards. In addition, he hoped that the community would continue to support the work of Peking University to jointly strengthen China's scientific and technological innovation and personnel training and that the award-winning teachers could keep up the good work and make greater contributions. With regards to the students, Ye hoped that the scholarship-winning students would always remember the historical mission as a student of Peking University and understand themselves, understand society, understand China and the world and serve the people, the country and society heart and soul.

As the award donors, Tang Lixin and Yang Guoqiang then took the stage and delivered their speeches, respectively. Tang Lixin, chairman of Shinesun Group sponsored the Tang Lixin Scholarship and Research Grant. He noted that learning is a lifelong career worthy of lifelong persistence. His current achievements benefit from the continuous learning and reflection of life’s experiences and choices. Therefore, he hopes that the students can make good use of the scholarships to do whatever they want and cherish the good times and strive to pursue and realize their dreams under the support of parents, teachers and the communities. Yang Guoqiang, chairman of Country Garden Holding Group, funds the Guohua Outstanding Scholar Award. Yang introduced the establishment of the Guohua Outstanding Scholar Award and expressed his great pleasure in building a world-class university. He congratulated the award-winning scholars and encouraged young students to study hard in the background of strong national power, and strive to become a better talent and contribute to a more brilliant future for the Chinese nation.

After the award presentation, Associate Professor He Jiansen from the school of Earth and Space Sciences gave a speech on behalf of the award-winning teachers. First, he expressed his gratitude forthose who care for and support the education of Peking University and shared his learning and work experience. He said that what he had achieved was not significant and was inseparable from Peking University and the community's support. Then, he said that as a member of Peking University, he is going to work hard to adapt to the responsibility and demands coming along with the new era and the new environment facing the teachers of Peking University while improving himself and enhancing self-confidence in research and education with actual results.

Subsequently, Ph.D. student Chen Zifeng from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, extended her sincere gratitude to the school, teachers and the community on behalf of all the scholarship winning students. "The state and society have created an environment that is as equal, tolerant and fulfilling as possible." She said, "This relaxed and inclusive atmosphere enables us to grow freely in a favorable environment and gives us a chance to acquire knowledge, cultivate ability and perfect personality.” She hopes that all the rewarded students can encourage each other and progress together and finally become useful people who can live up to the expectation of alma materand the community.

At the end of the ceremony, representatives of the students came to the stage to express their gratitude and respect to the representatives of the donors with flowers.

Written by: Liang Youle
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)