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The 2016 Job Fair for Foreign Students held at Peking University

DEC . 14 2016

Peking University, December 3, 2016: Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) organized the 2016 Job Fair for Foreign Students at Peking University today. More than 30 prestigious Chinese companies attended, including China Railway Constitution Corporation Limited, Huawei and Powerchina Resources LTD. Over 450 jobs were offered in this forum and comprehensively covered diverse areas, like infrastructure, automobile production and sales, internet and computer communication, etc. More than 2500 foreign students from over 20 famous universities in Beijing, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University attended as well.

Since the central government issued a series of regulatory documents on the residency of foreigners in China this year, and loosed the requirements on residency for those foreign students who will stay and work in China after graduation. To coordinate with policies issued by the central government, the Ministry of Public Security also reduced some restrictions on foreigners’ exit and entry, and clarified it will support foreigners to take internships in Zhongguancun Innoway. Sun Jianming, director of CSCSE, explained policies for foreign students in the forum and stressed the importance of abstracting more excellent foreign graduates to build up the Chinese market.

Li Yansong, Vice President of Peking University, clarified that the university supports foreign students’ entrepreneurship, internship and working in China. Many relevant events have been held and played important roles in promoting theiremployment in China. For instance, Peking University has organized a seriesof start-up events already, which consist of start-up programs, entrepreneurship and alumni workshops. Entrepreneurs, scholars and foreign alumni were invited to share their start-up experiences and give some guidance for those foreign students.  He reiterated that Peking University will keep improving the career service for foreign graduates in the future.

According to a poll result, 86.1% of foreign students in China are willing to take internships, and 95% want to work. Obviously, it’s a trend that more and more foreign graduates will stay and work in China. Therefore, to help them better understand those policies on residency and visa, CSCSE also organized a remarkable seminar and invited some experts to give more specific policies explanation for those candidates who are seeking jobs in China and it has achieved great success. 

Written by: Su Lan
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (In Chinese)