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Department of Psychology celebrates the 90th anniversary

NOV . 30 2016

Peking University, November 29, 2016: On November 19, 2016, the founding ceremony of School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences and the 90th anniversary of Department of Psychology at Peking Uuniversity was successfully held at Zhongguanyuan Global Village PKU. The ceremony was hosted by Wu Yanhong, Chairman of the School Council. Senior officials from the school administration, renowned psychologists, students, faculty and staff members, and alumni from all walks of life gathered to witness the historic moment.

The ceremony began with the beautiful song You Raise Me Up by Peking University Student Choir. Chairman of the Peking University Council, Zhu Shanlu, first delivered a speech. On behalf of the faculty and staff members of Peking University, he extended his congratulations on the establishment of the School and the 90th anniversary of the Department, and expressed his gratitude towards the experts and scholars who have helped the development of psychological science of Peking University by their guidance and support. He recognized the achievements of the Department of Psychology, stating that it has exerted great influence both nationally and worldwide.

Later, a great number of attendees expressed their congratulations and support of the development of psychological science, recognized the pioneering significance of the establishment of the School, and put forward their expectations of the subject’s further development.

Chairman of the Faculty of Sciences Rao Yi was optimistic about the development of the School, encouraging it to become the first natural science discipline to outperform Harvard University in the next 25 years. Meng Zhaolan, a 90-year old professor, has witnessed psychological science advancing from a department to a school. Looking back on the twists and turns, she hoped wider publicity would take place to promote the development of the discipline. Wang Dengfeng, head of the Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education under the Ministry of Education and chairman of the alumni association in the School, also elaborated on his expectations, hoping for an in-depth and in-width advancement of the discipline. He called for an increase of the awareness of Chinese culture in the process of the study of psychology, especially the spirit of innovation and confidence. Chief executive of www.315.com.cn and member of the alumni association Wang Yuhong agreed that psychology has a prosperous prospect, and that the study on talents will be one of the study directions of psychology in the future.

Delegations from other colleges and relevant scientific institutions also offered their congratulations. President of Beijing Normal University Dong Qi recognized the significance of the establishment of the School and the 90th anniversary of the Department, and expressed his gratitude for its close tie with Beijing Normal University. He hoped for a broader and deeper cooperation in Chinese psychological community to jointly head for a better future by the sharing of resources. Bai Xuejun congratulated the students and staff members of the School on behalf of the Chinese Psychological Society and psychologists all over the country. Secretary-general of the Chinese Society for Cognitive Science Ma Yuanye congratulated on behalf of the Society, considered the establishment as an encouragement and support of the Society. Professor Ernst Poeppel from Ludwig Maximilian Unitversitaet  Muenchen, member of the European Academy of Sciences, offered congratulations on behalf of the psychological community in Germany. He reviewed the international communication of psychological science of Peking University, pointing out that international communication is a vital part of education. He heaped praise upon the outstanding and open-minded students in Peking University, and was glad to remain a close relationship with Peking University.

Dean of the School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences at Peking university Fang Fang made a summary to bring down the curtains of the ceremony. He introduced the history of the development of the Department in the past 90 years, and briefly commented on the achievements it has made. On behalf of the School, Professor Fang thanked all the senior officials from the school administration, other schools and departments, academic professionals, students, faculty and staff. He pointed out that entering a new phase in the development of human society, the School of Psychological and Cognitive Science should be dedicated to the cultivation of students with a high awareness of innovation, responsibility and teamwork, in order to serve the country and build a bright future.

Professor Zhou Xiaolin from the School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences at Peking University hosted the academic report. Fu Xiaolan, director of the Institute of Psychology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Han Shihui from the School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences at Peking University made a report, in which they shared their experiences of research and interacted with the audience.

After the end of the ceremony, the School openedthe Electrophysiology Lab, the Visual Perception Research Lab, the ERP&TMS Lab, the display room for historic articles of the School and various other scientific research offices for attendees to visit.

Written by: You Danqian
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (in Chinese)