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Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Arabic Department

NOV . 28 2016
Peking University, Nov. 23, 2016: On November 5, a celebration as well as a special seminar on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Arabic Department was held at the New Building of the School of Foreign Language. It was also a celebration of the 110th anniversary of Mr. Ma Jian. PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu attended the meeting to congratulate the professors and students of Arabic Department and to express his respect to Mr. Ma Jian.
During the seminar, Professor Zhu delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of the humanities and humanistic spirit. Zhu also praised foreign language subjects for their contributions to the improvement of Peking University. “Over the past 118 years,” said Professor Zhu, “The humanities have played an essential role in the building of our university and our nation.”

Professor Zhu delivering a speech
Later Zhu elaborated on the relationship between foreign language subjects and the humanities. According to his speech, language not only cultivates students’ language knowledge skills, but also plays a crucial role in the transmission of culture from generation to generation. The humanistic spirit contained in the study of language is vitally important for the improvement of PKU professors and students. Moreover, it helps promote communication between different nations. Therefore, the humanities function as subjects of the soul, without which Peking University would not become what it is today.
In addition, Professor Zhu thought highly of the special contribution Arabic Department has made in the past 70 years. He further highlighted the importance of regional studies, because from his perspective Arabic was demanded not only by Peking University and China, but also by the whole world and human culture. At the end of his speech, Professor Zhu said that more supports would be given to the development of Arabic Department and other minor language subjects.

Professor Zhu shaking hands with attenders
Zhu also shook hands with Professor Zhong Jikun, who won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, and with other representatives of international friends present.
Written by: XieChangli
Edited by: Wang Qian