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PKU holds a welcome meeting for the undergraduate teaching assessment

NOV . 10 2016
Peking University, Nov. 1, 2016: On October 26, 2016, Peking University held a welcome meeting for the assessment of undergraduate teaching at Zhongguanyuan Global Village. PKU President Lin Jianhua, PKU Council Vice Chairman Ye Jingyi, and officials from functional departments attended the meeting.

The Meeting 

Professor Lin pointed out in his speech that the goal of teaching reform and development of Peking University is to cultivate capable future leaders. And the core of school educationis to provide students with better study and life experience. Lin hopedall faculties could attach due importance to the upcoming assessment, and required all departments to reflect existing problems with regard torecent teaching reforms. Furthermore, Lin stated that the assessmentwould promote current teaching reform and facilitate communication between colleagues.


President Lin delivering a speech
According to Professor Lin, teaching reform of higher education should be acontinuous process of improvement. And it wouldhelp facultiesdo better jobs so as toenhanceoverall teaching quality. As for the assessment, it wouldexamine thecurrent situation of PKU undergraduate teaching whileoffering suggestions to work improvement in other aspects. Therefore, this assessment means an opportunity for allto learn and make progress.
The Secretary of Educational Administration Office, Fu Suiyan also delivered a speech. She introduced the general conditions and new features of this year’s assessment. According to her introduction, the assessment is closely relevant to the current undergraduate teaching reform of Peking University asit accords with the very goal of the ongoingreform. Later, Fu retrospected the proposal of the teaching reform, and reported the progress of the preparation for the assessment. Fu endedher speech withan illustration onthe key points of the upcoming assessment work and a sincere wish for its success.
Written by: Xie Changli
Edited by: Wang Qian