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"Peking University Guozijian Lecture Series" Sets up its first Youth Volunteer Team

NOV . 10 2016

Peking University, Oct. 31, 2016: On the morning of Oct. 28, the opening ceremony of the 2016 “Week of Lifelong Learning for All” was held at Beijing No.2 Middle School. Beijing Development Institute of Peking University was invited to the ceremony. Xu Jianqiu, deputy director of Municipal Education Commission of Dongcheng District, hosted the ceremony.
At the ceremony, the youth volunteer team of “PKU Guozijian Lecture Series,” a lecture series on Chinese traditional culture, made its first public appearance. Li Guoping, dean of Beijing Development Institute of Peking University, handed the flag to the team. A team representative received the team flag and took an oath, signifying the establishment of the Lecture Series’ first community service team that is made up solely of students.

Li Guoping handing the team flag to student representative

After the flag-giving ceremony, Li Guoping made a brief speech in which he reviewed the history of "Guozijian Lecture Series” since its birth in 2007. Li pointed out that “Guozijian Lecture Series” aims at making Beijing a learning city. With the help of Peking University’s rich resources in humanities and social sciences and its highly qualified teachers, as well as the abundant cultural heritage of Beijing, “Guozijian Lecture Series” has held various activities for citizens, including lectures on studies of Chinese civilization and on Chinese traditions. In the past nine years, “Guozijian Lecture Series” has hosted over 150 lectures, all of which has received great feedbacks from citizens. Since2013, “Guozijian Lecture Series” started to open classes in communities, primary schools and middle schools, giving more people access to China’s cultural heritage.

Li noted that since launched, “Guozijian Lecture Series” has been awarded several times. In 2008, it was selected as the “center of Lifelong Learning for Capital Citizens” and was voted as one of the star programs for citizen learning. In 2014, it was selected by the Ministry of Education as “the National Star Program of Lifelong Learning for All”.
Li continued to point out that this volunteer team is a new service project. The team will support the lectures held by “Guozijian Lecture Series” by providing an enthusiastic and attentive service to students attending the lectures. He hopes that this voluntary team will help create a good learning atmosphere in which young students make efforts to inherit and enrich Chinese culture, to contribute to the cultural development of our country, and to help Beijing become the “cultural center of China”.
Writtenby: Shen Yu
Edited by: Xu Penghang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)