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2016 Peking University Kabrathon Outdoor Challenge Kicks Off

OCT . 18 2016
Peking University, Oct. 17, 2016: 2016 Peking University Kabrathon Outdoor Challenge& 6th Anniversary of Teachers’ Outdoors Exercises Association took place at Weiming Lake on Oct. 9. More than 110 teachers and students participated.
Li Ning, director of Department of Physical Education, Liu Shanshan, deputy chairman of Labor Union of Peking University, Wang Yiming, deputy chairman of the Chinese Communist Youth League Peking University Committee and other special guests shot for the beginning of contest at the opening ceremony. All the participants then challenged rowing on Weiming Lake, cycling around the lake 5 laps and trail running around the lake 3 laps in order. Both attenders and the audience enjoyed the games. Chair of PKU Council Zhu Shanlu attended the rowing part and cheered for participants.

Beginning Shot at Opening Ceremony




Zhu Shanlu cheering for participants
Chen Kai from School of Economics won the first place of staff men’s group while Wei Jianglin form Office of Financial Affairs won the same place of women’s group. Zhang Zhongyi from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Wan Feng from National School of Development became the winner of student men’s and women’s group respectively.

Prize-giving Ceremony
As the part of the 2nd outdoor sports culture festival, the contest attracted hot attention from the enrollment and got about 3500 hits of online publicity article within 2 days. More than 300 people signed up for the contest before the deadline. For security reason, officials did the rowing training twice, checked all the bicycles and turned out no-injuries eventually.
The contest was organized by Department of Physical Education, Labor Union of Peking University and the Chinese Communist Youth League Peking University Committee together, and was supported by Kabrathon, Nong Pin Tang, Coca-Cola, Mobike and HanDian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.
Background information:
1.       Rowing-Cycling-Running stemmed from iron man triathlon. As the new form of modern outdoor adventure game, it combines these three sport events scientifically. This is it first try in Peking University, also among all the domestic colleges.
2.       Teachers’ Outdoors Exercises Association was established in October, 2010. It now has more than 3000 members and has organized about 500 outdoor activities such as walking expedition, climbing the snow mountains, crossing the desert, cycling around Qinghai Lake, etc.
Written by: Wang Zehua
Edited by: Zhang Jiang