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Welcome, new PKUers!

SEP . 03 2016
Peking University, Sep. 3, 2016:  It was the freshmen orientation of the year. On September 3, Peking University ushered its new comers into this campus. 3363 undergraduates, 3559 postgraduates, and 1772 doctoral candidates were admitted this year. The university did its best to make every new comer feel at home on their very first day here. 

The freshmen check in
School of Economics:

Panels with photos of freshmen were set up in front of the booth of School of Economics. Zhang Yanling, a freshman who has just checked in, smiling in front of the panel. While Zhu Keyan, a sophomore who would serve as the instructor of Zhang’s class, is taking a photo for her. In the coming semester, freshmen of School of Economics will be divided into 6 classes, each of which will be under the guidance of an instructor and a head teacher during their orientation week.
School of Journalism and Communication:

The picture below is a snapshot of an undergraduate freshmen Ma Xiaolong and his sister mentor Huang Kaixin. Huang serves as a senior guide in the “Peer Growth Plan”. This plan has become a tradition of School of Journalism and Communication. Every freshman will have a senior student to help them out in all aspects.

Ma Xiaolong& Huang Kaixin
School of Earth and Space Sciences:

Ling Kun, a sophomore, climbed out of an earth shaped outfit. It is called “the Earthy”. There are also other doll outfits at the scene. For instance, the “Siege Lion” (pronounced as “Gong Cheng Shi” in Chinese which is also the same pronunciation of the Chinese word for “Engineer”) comes from School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science MinionsfromSchool of Journalism and Communication, and two Kumamons comes out of nowhere.

The “Siege Lion” doll outfit
The panels were also designed deliberately in various fashions: the photo frame shaped panel of department of sociology is made into an “Entrance Permit”. Students can be granted with this “permit” by taking a photo through it. Freshmen of School of International Studies take photos with a WeChat Moment like photo frame, with characters of “Today, I have checked in!” College of Urban and Environmental Sciences had a “Registration Tree” as their panel, with each branch of the tree representing a branch subject of the discipline. Freshmen signed their names on that tree.

PKU president Lin Jianhua takes a photo through the “Entrance Permit”
To help new comers get to the campus, both student and faculty volunteers went to Beijing Railway Station to meet them. And many other volunteers can be seen almost everywhere on campus. Volunteers help with luggage and provide services to parents.

Volunteers helping with luggage
The “Green Channel” is also a tradition of PKU orientation. About 500 students with financial difficulties checked in through “Green Channel” and were provided packages, movie tickets, reading cars, gym membership cards, and laptop computers, etc.

Green Channel
Chair of Peking University Council Zhu Shanlu, President Lin Jianhua and other school officials came to the check-in to talk with the freshmen and get feedbacks.

Written by: Choisum Kwok
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Photographed by: Li Tong/Liu Zhimei/Cai Yiyi