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DIY eco-garden created by PKU CALA students

JUN . 18 2016
Peking University, June 18, 2016: In nearly two months, an out-of-the-way spot to the north of Beizhai Building on PKU campus has been utterly renovated into an eco-garden. Without any machines or financial support, the 2015 master students from College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (CALA) of Peking University created this “wonderland.”

before the renovation

The idea of extending classroom knowledge to the utilization of the neglected space inspires the students in the first place.  However, the actual work is not at all easy. Since the land had been deserted for years, the soil was hardly suitable for farming. But after earth shoveling, sieving and heaping, the students made it satisfy the standard of plants-growing. The ecological function of the eco-garden was also fulfilled through measuring, calculating, holes digging and structure designing.

during the renovation

The group adhered to the principle of “making the best use of everything” and “ecological recycling”: the stumps for sitting are renovated from the dead plants on campus; the gravels for the path from the residual materials of the construction sites; Besides, the students recycled the deserted bikes to decorate the place. Finally, a DIYa eco-garden combining the role of communicating, resting, doing sports and protecting environment was set up.

The group named it “a kindergarten,” which means observing the environment in children’s eyes. The place was the source of creativity and every explorer in this eco-garden could use his or her imagination to make a better place.

Now, this place is used as an outdoor classroom for some courses related to plants. Some student-initiated activities are also conducted there. In the afternoons, some student would relax and read;  and during the nights, some student would watch outdoor movies there.

outdoor lectures in the eco-garden

watching films in the eco-garden

The group members are satisfied with this eco-garden, which actualizes the original plan and also arouses further thinking of renovation on campus. They hope that this kind of student-initiated activities could be promoted in the construction of PKU in the future.

Written by: Meng Yiran
Edited by: Li Ruiqi
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