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New Version of PKU Gateway 1.0 (iOS) released

JUN . 01 2016
Peking University, May 31, 2016: In order to creating a more convenient circumstance of surfing the Internet for all teachers and students, Computer Center of Peking University has recently developed an iOS version of gateway to the clients - PKU Gateway 1.0. This gateway is safe and stable with a concise, friendly, and intuitive interface.
Compared with the old version, PKU Gateway 1.0 has the following new functions when operated in iPhone and iPad:
1.     Supporting disconnecting routed IP connections. When there are several connections, the users can choose to disconnect one of them while maintain the others.
2.     Allowing users to add the gateway into Today Tap in the notification center of iPhone and iPad so as to connect gateway fast.
3.     Supporting both Chinese and English.
4.     Displaying campus network notice.
5.     Supporting paying net charge through Alipay.
6.     Users who have bound their accounts to mobile phones can reset password.
It is said that the new Android version is being developed and tested and will soon be released. PC version is also in the updating list. Computer Center will keep on devoting more efforts to provide a better internet service.
Written by: Zhong Yaoqiong
Edited by: Zhang Jiang