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2016 U-Training campus fitness carnival held

MAY . 24 2016
Peking University, May 23, 2016:“Boom~ Fit~ Boom~ Fit~ Boom~ Fit~” Yeah, that is the theme of the night. This two-day 2016 U-Training campus fitness carnival was held last Thursday and Friday in Wu-si Sports center. Over 800 students and faculties joined the sports carnival, which lasts 2 hours each night from 8:00pm.



The sports center was divided into orange-, blue-, pink-, and purple-colored sections with the lighting. Each participant was provided with a piece of yoga mat. They enjoyed the night with their friends, classmates, and families, under the guidance of professionals on the major stage.

Fun time with families


The training program covers yoga, boomfit, boomfit games, pop dance, and dance mix. You can enjoy a fully devoted aerobics training in each 40-minute course. A combination of strenuous and relaxing exercises enables everybody do what they can, and experience what they never thought of doing.

Pop dance

Professional Coaching
Written by: Choisum Kwok
Edited by: Zhang Jiang

The carnival was held by PKU Department of Physical Education and Super Events Co., Ltd. which provided all participants with sports T-shirt, towel, drinks and florescent materials for the nights. The whole event was broadcasted live on btime.com.