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The First PKU “Fossil Culture Week” kicks off

MAY . 18 2016
Peking University, May 18, 2016: From May 3 to 7, the first "Fossil Culture Week" was held in Peking University.

On May 3, Wang Jie, vice president of PKU, Guan Fengjun, minister of Ministry of Land and Resources of China, Jia Yueming, curator of Geological Museum of China, and other guests, arrived at Yifu Building No. 2 in PKU and unveiled the model of Xinjiang Shanshan dinosaur, the largest dinosaur of Asian Jurassic era, marking the launch of the first PKU "Fossil Culture Week.". Local government leaders, paleontology enthusiasts and scholars were invited to the opening ceremony.

Xinjiang Shanshan dinosaur
“Fossil Culture Week” is held by PKU School of Earth and Space Sciences, Ministry of Land and Resources of China, institutes and five local governments pertaining to fossil research. Besides the Shanshan dinosaur in the opening ceremony, the earliest marine reptile found in China--Hu Guizhou dinosaur and mammoth with 3.5-meter incisors were exhibited along with other fossil treasures.
Meanwhile,a series of fossil culture activities were held, enriching "Fossil Culture Week" immeasurably. Several distinguished paleontologists and artists were invited to "The Dialogue between Science and Art" lecture, expounding on the connection between paleontology and art.

"The Dialogue betweeen Science and Art" lecture

This activity is aimed at strengthening fossil protection research, fueling the development of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”. It enabled more people to have a deeper understanding of ancient fossils. It also coincided with the 118th anniversary of Peking University, drawing enormous public attention.

Written by: Wang Yuqing
Edited by: Li Ruiqi
School of Earth and Space Sciences