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[Anniversay 2016] The activity of PKU Youth League Day: In memory of the May 4th Movement

MAY . 16 2016
Peking University, May 4th, 2016: May 4, 2016 saw the 97th anniversary of the May 4th Movement and the 118th anniversary of the birth of Peking University. In the morning, PKU Youth League Committee held the activity of Youth League Day at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center in memory of the May 4th Movement. More than 200 representatives of young teachers and students participated in the commemoration.
The scene of the activity
Early on May 4, 2015, President Xi Jinping visited Peking University. He communicated with young teachers and students, and delivered a speech, in which Xi encouraged them to work hard, develop good characters, and distinguish the truth. This year, not long before, Premier Li Keqiang also visited his alma mater, Peking University. During his visit, he pointed out that the aim of building China into a country with strong higher education was meant to come true.
In this commemorative activity, 6 representatives of young teachers and students were invited to share their individual experiences and feelings. Xing Si, a graduate student from the School of Chinese as a Second Language, said that teachers and students of Peking University were inseparable with the fate of the country and the people. The winner of the 10th“May 4th Medal for Student”, Wang Guangxu, talked about his experience in medical study. And the undergraduate student from the Law School, Gao Hecong, narrated her experience of carrying out practical activities related to education and her plan of become a voluntary teacher in Urumchi for one year. In addition, the other three representatives also expressed their willingness to work harder and insist on the spirit of the May 4th Movement.
The student representative speaking
Zhu Shanlu, chairman of Peking University Council, delivered a speechat the end of the activity. He said that the May 4th Movement was closely and strongly linked with Peking University as PKU was the birthplace of the May 4th Movement. Zhu further called on all the teachers and students to think over how to better develop the university and better educate the students. Then, he pointed out that cultivating capable students shall always be the supreme task of Peking University.

Zhu speaking
Written by: XieChangli
Edited by: Wang Qian