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Peking University Alumni Badminton Friendship Competition held

MAY . 11 2016

Peking University May 8, 2016: On May 2nd,  Peking University (PKU) Alumni Badminton Friendship Competition was held successfully. As one of this year's alumni homecoming activities, the competition received great support from many alumni companies and famous enterprises.

intensive competition

Nearly three hundred alumni of PKU from all over China formed thirty teams to participate in this competition. These teams were divided into the first group and the second group according to their capacity shown in last year's competition, and every group was broken into four different teams. At length, Weihengfaxue Team became the champion of the first group, and Yuyan Team won the second place. The champion, Shanghai Team, and the runner-up, The Second Team of Beijing Alumni, of the second group will participate in the first group's competition next year.