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[Anniversary 2016] Welcome home, Alumini!

MAY . 09 2016
Peking University, May 9, 2016: On the morning of May 2, the elderly alumni of Peking University, National Southwestern Associated University and College of Engineering returned to PKU and got together at Nongyuan Canteen.

The event officially unveiled at 10:30 a.m. Before that, the alumni signed up, got souvenirs, chatted with old schoolmates and watched the video of 2016 PKU New Year Gala. Gao Chao, the vice chairman of PKU Alumni Association presided over the event.

Gao Song, vice president of PKU, delivered a welcome speech, introducing the recent development and management reform of PKU. He pointed out that the alumni’s devotion contributed to PKU’s development. Then he expressed his appreciation and best wishes to the elderly alumni.

Then, Yang Dehou, the 97-year-old representative of PKU elderly alumni delivered a speech. While reviewing his life in PKU, he recollected his original aspiration as a student in College of Engineering — save the nation by engineering. He expressed his wishes to his alma mater and greetings to other alumni.

The alumni also watched the video of Premier Li’s visit to PKU and the preliminary meeting of 120th anniversary. Gao Chao also invited them to attend this big event in 2 years.

Written by: Meng Yiran
Edited by: Li Ruiqi
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