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The 4th Annual Campus Sport Night of Peking University opens

MAY . 06 2016
Peking University April 28, 2016: On April 22, the 4th annual Campus Sport Night of Peking University opened in PKU Hall at 7 pm. The evening party first reviewed the sport tradition of Peking University through some videos after the aerobic exercise team’s opening performance. From the mountaineering activities of Shanyin Hiking Club and activity of crossing deserts, to the “Dream Plan of Weiming Sport”, PKU teachers and students expressed their diligent faith in pursuingtheir dreams of sport on camera. Latter, Chen Yongli, Secretary of PKU Youth League Committee, introduced PKU’s sport tradition and encouragedstudents to exercise more in their own time.
In the evening party, the final of “Sport Expert Point Race” was held. Two sport experts wererespectively chosen from boys and girls according to their performance in “doing push-ups in one minute” and “doing sit-ups in one minute”. Interestingly, two girls attained the same top score so that they shared the title of “Female Ssport Expert”.
The boys doing push-ups
In addition, students, teachers and groups that contributed to PKU sports development were also awarded prize as encouragement. Yu Zejun, president of PKU Swimming Club, won the “Individual Award of Weiming Sport Spirit”, and the female basketball team of the School of International Studies got the “Collective Award of Weiming Sport Spirit”. Two teachers from the Sport Department were also rewarded.
The evening party not only awarded sport experts and promoted sport spirit, but also introduced the beauty and pleasure of sport to the audience. Mao Zhihe, the teacher of free combat course coming on the stage, taught the female audience present some simple arts of self-defence. Then the Beijing 619 Fancy Basketball Team and the martial team from Beijing Sports University gave excellent performances, earning much praise and applause from the audience. And “The Dance of Youth” performed by PKU’s International Standard Ballroom Dancing Team aroused immediately the audience’s cry by its combination of a hot dance and a song of Xiyu style as a feast for the audience’s eyes.
The performance of the fancy basketball
Besides, the musician Cheng Bi and the music group Milk Coffee brought wonderful songs to the audience who were deeply enchanted by their pleasant voices. Also, the top ten singers of Peking University Zhang Siyuan and Lin Zihan, sang together the song “Vagabond Singer”. The two young men’s vigorous energy helped the party reach its climax.
The music group Milk Coffee singing
The evening party is one of the series activities of Campus Sport Night of Peking University. PKU Youth League Committee and the Student Union will continue to hold other sport activities such as “Color Run” and “Run in a Scrawled T-shirt ”, in order to involve more PKU teachers and students in sports and spread the sport spirit throughout the campus.
Written by: Xie Changli
Edited byWang Qian