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The Second "PKU Dormitory Culture Festival" kicks off

MAY . 02 2016
Peking University, May 2: On April 23, the second “PKU Dormitory Culture Festival” kicked off in the hall of Student Center. Nearly 300 people attended the opening ceremony.

Opening Ceremony

This year’s dormitory culture festival coincided with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of “Dormitory Leaders Administrative and Responsible System.” Representative dormitory leaders on guest seats became the spotlight of the scene. They are far more than dormitory leaders of Peking University; they are students’ reassurance of security, of help, of guidance, of harmony. The festival started with the speech of Chen Ning, a representative dormitory leader. In the speech, she expressed that throughout 30 years, dormitory leaders have always been devoted to students’ well-being, striving to build student dormitory as a second warmest home.

In the following section, The representative of Student Dormitory Self-governing Committee (dubbed “PKU Nest”) Yu Xiaolei expounded on the work of PKU Nest and general outline of Dormitory Culture Festival. Ever since its foundation, PKU Nest has been committed to improving dormitory environment and constructing dormitory culture. In the following time, PKU Nest will further modify dormitory committee regulation, organize relative activities, and bend every effort to make our campus a better place.

Dormitroy leaders taking pictures

The opening ceremony conferred “Beijing Outstanding Grassroots Organizations” and “PKU Model Dormitory” groups of students. After watching model dormitory video elaborately produced by students, school leaders awarded representative students. This was also the recognition and encouragement on effective dormitory culture construction.

The construction of dormitory has always been dependent on alumni’s strong supports. From “Dormitory Culture Development Fund” to “Microwaves Enter Dormitory,” alumni have made remarkable contribution. Medals and souvenir bricks were presented to alumni representatives out of gratitude. Representative alumni YinYan reminisced about her dormitory life in her speech, marveling at the improvement on student environment. She hoped that every PKU student could cherish college life.

In the alumni tutor employment section, vice secretaries of Peking University Committee Ye Jingyi and Li Ying were assigned tutors of respective dormitory students. Ye Jingyi, who was absent due to a conference, sent video message to the festival.

In the final speech, PKU Council Chairman Wang Yanglin expressed his gratitude to alumni who made great contributions to school development. He affirmed the significant role dormitory culture plays in students’ growth and PKU spirit’s inheritance. He wished that everyone could keep trying, making our campus more comfortable. Finally, he announced that the second “PKU Dormitory Culture Festival” kicked off.

 Students watching photography exhibition
Under the theme of “Youth, Growth, Inheritance”, this festival encouraged students to participate in the construction of dormitory culture through a series of activities. This festival is also strongly supported by a variety of associations and school departments.

Written by: Wang Yuqing
Edited by: Li Ruiqi
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