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The 10th Peking University “5+2” Half-marathon Relay Race held

APR . 20 2016
Peking University, Apr. 17, 2016:On April 10th, the 10th Peking University “5+2” Half-marathon Relay Race was held at Weiming Lake. The event wasorganized by PKU Association of Runners and New Youth Network Culture Studio, while also assisted by DPER, the Youth League Committee and Youth Research Center. In the breezy and flowery morning, 120 teams participated in the race and 117 teams finished it after a three-hour-long competition. Eventually, the team from Beijing Sport University won the championship.

In the opening ceremony, Li Ning, director of DPER, encouraged  students to take an active part in physical exercise and to promote personality development with a strong body. This race  merged the concepts of the Internet and physical education for the first time, which made the race much more interesting.
Before the race began, 120 teams made up of runners from different universities in Beijing and other schools were fully equipped and itched to try. When the starting pistol went off, the participants streaked out from the scratch line like an arrow. On the racing track, they ran with a determined spirit and tried to outdo each other. On both sides of the racing track there are people cheering for them. Each volunteer was performing his or her own duty --some were taking photos to record wonderful moments, and others were offering guidance with flags in hand.
After the fierce competition, among the 117 teams which finished the race, Beijing Sport University took the crown; second and third place went to teams from Beihang University and Tsinghua University; and “Gump Team” from Peking University came away  with fifth place. The representative team from Yuanpei College won the award of The Best College Representative Team, and the team from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences won the award of The Most Creative Team.
Peking University “5+2” Half-marathon Relay Race started from 2007. Participants form a seven-member team which needs to include two girls and five boys. Each team member must run three kilometers around the Weiming Lake so as to finish the twenty-one-kilometer-long half-marathon relay race.
As Peking University prepares for its 120th anniversary, this year’s relay race is not only a creative activity that combines sports and the Internet, but also a friendly tournament that promotes communication between different universities. Most of all, it is also a birthday gift to the 120-year-old Peking University as 120 teams registered for the tournament.

Written by: Zhong Yaoqiong
Edited by: Xu Liangdi