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First brochette stall on campus opens

APR . 12 2016
Peking University, April 1st, 2016: On March 21st, the brochette stall on the second floor at Yiyuan Dining Hall opened. It marks a revolution the school canteen system is undergoing including improving service facilities and qualities and putting forward varieties of services.
According to Ju Shijiang, the manager of Yiyuan Second Floor, during the soft launch from 19:00 to 0:30, 21st to 23rd, the number of customers has surged to over 500 every day from about 200 before the opening.

The dishes provided here are brochette made from mutton, chicken, bacon and fish tofu; staple food including pimple soup and fried rice; cold dishes like boiled peanuts, black fungus and shredded lettuce salad; and essential drinks for eating kebabs.  

In order to ensure the provision of delicious dishes and high-quality service, Yiyuan Second Floor purchased two carbon ovens, 4 meters long in total. Also, Yiyuan Second Floor adjusted personnel arrangements and increased night shifts. There are 8 cooks in the kitchen, 8 to 10 guiding guests, ordering meals, and serving the dishes; and another 3 to 5 restaurant managers in charge of supervising.

The preparation of the night brochette stall lasted for a month. Canteen staff had visited some famous brochette restaurants nearby, referred to the types and prices of their dishes, and drafted the first menu. The internal staff made adjustments on the first draft, and held 3-5 small eating trials.

However, there are also some criticisms about the brochette stall at Yiyuan. They mainly concentrate on the slow serving speed, the lack of food species and sometimes mismatched orders resulted from separate serving. Ju Shijiang responded on the Weiming BBS that the brochette stall is in the test phase and needs time to adjust to different situations. He hoped customers can understand it, and thanked for their patience and tolerance. He said that Yiyuan brochette stall would continue to improve and welcomed students’ feedbacks anytime.

Written by: Shang Baoyue
Edited by: Yan Shengnan