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The Rain Flower Terrace Debuts at Peking University Hall

APR . 08 2016
Peking University, Apr. 5, 2016: On Apr. 4 2016, the original epic modern drama Rain Flower Terrace did its debut at Peking University Centennial Hall, thus starting its two-year national performing tour in universities across China.
The show is staged by Nanjing Drama Troupe and the performing tour is organized by the Propaganda Department of the CPC and Ministry of Education.
The drama is around a soul-stirring and thrilling fictional story based on the real revolutionary history, mixed with a large amount of real conversations happened in the history. The highly condensed story has intricate plots and is about a patriotic revolutionist Yun Daiying who risked his life to protect his comrades, and finally ferried the secret information out of the prison.
The ending scene of the Rain Flower Terrace might be the most moving one, where all revolutionists, young and old, male and female, turned their back to the audience slowly but without any hesitation. They moved their legs towards the wild fire which symbolizes horrible yet heroic death. This show saw a rare hail of applause and all performers made encores with formal bows.
Time passes; however, history never does. Every martyr has in himself or herself the spirit of the Rain Flower Terrace, that is, Belief, Loyalty, Sacrifice and Courage to undertake responsibility.

Reported by: Zhang Le
Edited by: Zhang Jiang