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FACES 2016 collaborative project initiative held at Peking University

MAR . 22 2016
Peking University, Mar. 20, 2016:The collaborativeprojectinitiative of FACES (Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford) 2016 was held at Stanford Center at Peking University on March20, 2016. FACES delegates from America and China attended the activity and applied ideas generated during the conference to the real world.

FACES delegates are free to explore their topics of interest in the field of Sino-American relationship and use creative ways to research projects. They are divided into eight teams to complete their projects, in which they will form ideas, move the project on and share their results with other teams. This year, the topics involved many unique aspects of Chinese society and Sino-American relationship, shifting from innovation in the governmentto LGBTQIA awareness and counseling.
At 12:30 p.m., with everything ready, eight teams presented their results of teamwork in turn. Through logical presentations and elaborate slide shows, the delegates exhibited in detail the process of conceptualizing the projects, cooperative working and generating results. It is obvious that by online search and socialpractice they have harvested rich academic results anddeepened the understanding of unique features of Chinese society.
The collaborative project initiative ended at 14:00 p.m. and they believe that through such on-going communications among young generations, China and the United States will know each other better and cultivate more collaboration and communication.

Reported by: Zheng Yuhe

Edited by: Xu Liangdi