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English news reading class: new form, new gain

DEC . 29 2015
Peking University, Dec 18, 2015: The “English Media in China and the World“ students forum was held during the English News Reading course at Peking University. Ten groups of students presented on various topics concerning English media around the world. It came to a wonderful end last Wednesday.

A new form of discussion: Bidirectional classrooms
When it comes to ordinary scenes of a class, people’s first impression is usually like this: an instructor standing in front, pouring out his/her own ideas, and students simply listens and takes notes. This is a typical unidirectional classroom.
However, for the English News Reading classes offered by Professor He Shu , on Dec 9 and 16, 2015, it was completely another pair of shoes: students were divided into many groups, and each group had one representative, stood in front and presented on their researches covering a variety of topics from campus media to U.S. Presidential Election. So it was the students, instead of the professor, who were standing up and speaking.
And then the judges, including journalists, editors and presenters who have rich experienceworking in the media, graded them and gave comments from their own perspectives.

From Campus to Media

It’s so surprising for us to get so close to these media workers in reality.

Considering that the aim of the course is more practical than theoretical ones, Professor He invited
experienced media workers to be judges, which, in a sense, broke the boundary of our campus and gave everybody a clearer understanding of real media.
The forum not only helped students of different majors to communicate, but also offered them a golden opportunity to get access to different news agencies..
Reported by: FengYuxin
Edited by: Xu Liangdi