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PKU Original Drama "Good Morning, Mom" accomplishes 40 performances on its nationwide tour

DEC . 23 2015
Peking University, Dec. 17, 2015: On December 8 and 9, 2015, after the final three performances at PKU, the team of modern drama Good Morning, Mom have accomplished 40 nationwide performances up to now, marking the temporary end of the national tour of this drama.

Good Morning, Mom
is co-produced by the School of Arts of Peking University and Institute of Film, Television and Theatre of Peking University. PKU students play a major role in the script-writing, directing, performing and producing the drama. The play focuses on “family”, the smallest unit of the society, and present mother-child relationship. By creating a son and a mother who are given to extremes, it means to urge serious reflection on kinship. The dramatized scenarios presented on the stage also inspire audience to introspect the meanings and the values of lives.


Accepting the Bouquets after the Performance

The play premiered at Peking University Hall. On April 14, 2015, the improved version of this PKU original drama passed the acceptance tests of China National Arts Fund (CNAF), and from then on, started its national tour.

During the following eight months, Good Morning, Mom had traveled almost half of China, from Beijing to Shanghai. It was popular with a large number of audience wherever it appeared. Among the audience of the fortieth performance held at PKU, apart from students of PKU, there were also students from other universities as well as common residents of Beijing. On the one hand, the conflict between mother and son becomes one factor that attracted parents taking their children to watch. On the other, the character of “Mother” in the drama as one of the representatives of Chinese intellectuals born in the 1960s and growing up in the 1980s, had stricken a chord with that generation, especially with the female audience who shared common memories.

The Curtain Call

The national tour also witnessed the growth of the drama team. From the director Zu Jiyan, scriptwriter Tuo Lu, actors Yin Min and Hao Rui, to stagehands, they cooperated and solved the troubles together, demonstrating good sense of team spirit in every performance. It is their collective efforts that make the excellent Good Morning, Mom.  

In 2014, Good Morning, Mom made its debut as an one-act drama in April, won the championship of PKU Drama Talent Competition in May, took part in Beijing Fringe Festival in September, and finally in November won the support of CNAF as the only original student college drama.

With the support of CNAF, the student team of Good Morning, Mom then received more professional advice in terms of perfecting the script from professor Chen Xuguang, the director of Institute of Film, Television and Theatre and associate dean of the School of Arts, and Tian Qinxin, the famous drama director of National Theater of China as well as the scriptwriter Lin Weiran. With their joint efforts, Good Morning, Mom was launched into a grander world.

Written by: 
Zhang Xinyu
Edited by: Xiao Yunyun
Source: Institute of Film,Television and Theatre, Peking University