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Prof. George Schaller: 30 years in Tibet Plateau

DEC . 15 2015
Peking University, Dec.10, 2015:On December 3, 2015, Prof. George Schaller gave a lecture on hisresearch experiences on Tibet Plateau during last 30 years.
At the beginning, Prof.Schaller showed some photosthat he took in the wilderness. He focused on the living condition of some endangered wild animals in Tibet. For example, he said, Tibetan antelopes, one of the national protected species, were facing with survival threats both from nature and from human activities. On the one hand, severe weathers, such as a sudden snowstorm, would cause the death of a large number of the Tibetan antelopes. On the other hand, more and more antelopes have been killed and smuggled to Indiafor medical and economic purpose. Pika, an original animal on Tibet Plateau, had been poisoned in large scales these years, which caused a serious damage to the ecological balance in Tibet.

Prof. Schaller’s lecture
Schaller said that the research group could have a closer interaction with wild animals for there were several uninhabited areas on the plateau. However, not everything always went well during the research. The living condition is harsh and full of unexpected accidents. He recalled that once their truck was trapped in the lake due to a sudden break of the ice surface.
Schalleralso expressed his great concern for the decrease of grassland’s quality. He wished for balance and harmony between human activity and natural environment.
During the Q & A, a student from Tibet asked what actions the locals could do to protect wild animals. Prof. Schaller responded that local herdsmen had made some efforts as individuals, but what was more important is that the community could make some change as a whole.

Prof. Schaller answering questions
Written by: Fu Guirong
Edited by: Wu Zhangxinan
Sources: PKU News