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2015 PKU Chinese Speech Contest of International Students kicks off

DEC . 13 2015
Peking University, December 6, 2015: On the last day of November, 2015, the first round of Chinese Speech Contest of International Students is held in Peking University. Many students from different countries take part in the contest.

The first contestant is Li Hanzhou from Oral Chinese Class 1. His topic is “how creativity gradually changes our lives.” He talks first about the first cartoon in the world, and says that many assumptions then such as aircraft, automatic valve, and waitress robot have come into reality now. He says all these amazing inventions convince people that creativity changes the world.

Following is Lin Weiguang from A1 Advanced Class. He talks about the strength and weakness of technology. He says although modern technology like cell phone, train, and airplane has brought much convenience to our lives, it gradually makes modern people its slavery. An example is that an American girl kills her mother in order to buy a luxurious cell phone. He says people should reflect over these problems.

Lin Peiya from Oral Chinese Class 2 is the third contestant. The title of her speech is “A Hungarian in China.” She talks about what she sees and hears in Beijing. She says sometimes she will miss her home and relatives, but she is proud of studying in Peking University, the best university in China.

Lin Peiya is speaking

Next contestant is Sai Ruiyan from Stanford Class 1. Sai talks about the most important three words in Chinese. Sai says at the very beginning he thinks weixin, laowai, and baijiu are the most important three words in Chinese, but later he realizes that the most important word in Chinese is xiexie. His humorous style earns applause from the audience.

Su Ya from Oral Chinese Class 3 talks about her shopping experience in China. She says once she was pushed outside a shop by the shopkeeper because she bargained too much.

Su Ya is speaking
Later on, Mi Kai from Oral Chinese Class 4 talks about “Love Creativity,” and An Tai from Oral Chinese Class 5 talks about “Climate Change.” Ke Lishan from Oral Chinese Class 7 starts his speech by playing guitar. He talks about his opinion towards music.

Contestants are speaking

The last contestant is Li Siyong. He talks about the economic communication and trade between China and Ukraine, and says he is eager to devote himself to promoting the friendship between countries. Li wins the championship in the first group contest.

Li Siyong, the championship

Written by: Xie changli

Edited by: Ouyang yixuan

Source: Office of International Relations