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Harrison Howe Award to Professor Xie Xiaoliang

MAY . 10 2012

Peking University, May 10, 2012: Harrison Howe Award was lately granted by American Chemistry Association to Professor Xie Xiaoliang, alumnus of the Class 1980 of Peking University (PKU), who is also director of Dynamic Optic Imaging Center of PKU and Chair professor of Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry Department of Harvard University.

According to the announcement on the official website of Rochester University, Professor Xie and his research team have long been engaged in solving pressing biology issues with new physics and chemistry methods. Particularly, professor Xie has played a key role in the establishment and development of single-molecule bio-chemistry and its application in biology. A recent breakthrough by Xie’s research team is a new DNA sequencing technology which costs less and works faster than before.

The award ceremony is to be held in the annual meeting of American Chemistry Association in the north-east region. Professor Xie is to give keynote speeches titled “The Quest for Non Linear Coherent Optical Imaging for Biology and Medicine” and “Life at the Single Molecule Level”.

Harrison Howe Award was set up in 1946 in commemoration of Harrison Howe, founder of Rochester division of American Chemistry Association. Mr. Howe was also founder of the journal Chemical and Engineering News, and had been dedicated to chemistry research and industrialization of chemical methods. A notable characteristic of Harrison Howe Award is that the winners are mostly in their middle ages and are regarded to have great potential in the field of chemistry. Professor Xie is the third Chinese to be awarded.


Written by: Li Yang
Edited by: Yan Binghan
URL: College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, PKU