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Rhetorical Communication Studies calls for attention

NOV . 08 2011

Peking University, Nov, 5, 2011: The 2011 International Advanced Forum on Rhetorical Communication Studies has kicked off recently in Sapporo University. From Oct.29 to Oct.30, the ceremonious forum has attracted more than 60 scholars from different countries, including China, Korea, America, Japan, Italy, Malaysia, Egypt, etc.


The scholars had an in-depth discussion on rhetorical communication studies and the spreading of Chinese culture around the world, which was also the main topic of the forum. The forum was hosted by the Chinese Rhetoric Society of the World (CRSW) and the Confucius Institute in Sapporo University. Scholars from Peking University (PKU) attended the form as well.


Professor Yang He


PKU Professor Yang He keynoted at the forum. His speech was about Historical Vicissitude of Chinese Educational System and Construction of PKU Confucius Institute, Professor Yang concluded PKU’s experience on the way to spread Chinese culture based on collaboration among other universities. He pointed out that PKU had taken several steps to achieve the goal, like training teachers, hosting speeches and forms, and these measures could be seen as reference for other Confucius Institute over the world.


Professor Xu Jinping


Osamu Takai, deputy governor of Hokkaido, congratulated on the opening of the forum. He also thanked the Confucius Institute in Sapporo University, which had made contributions to the spreading of the Chinese culture and therefore enhanced the communication between China and Japan. Xu Jinping, consul general of Chinese Embassy in Sapporo, also pointed out that culture could strengthen the understanding among countries; moreover, it would also carry emotional feelings. He hoped that the Confucius Institute in Sapporo University could accomplish more achievements on the study of Chinese language and culture in the future.


Professor Chen Rudong


The chairman of CRSW, professor Chen Rudong from PKU pointed out that pubic rhetoric on the Internet was of vital importance and scholars around the world should work together on this issue together.


Professor David Frank from Oregon University agreed with professor Liu, he said that scholars should work hard to promote world peace and fix communication disorder with the help of rhetoric. He proposed that rhetoric was not only a Chinese issue, but also a worldwide issue. The vice-president of Sapporo University expressed that besides economic cooperation, China and Japan should have more cultural exchanges and interactions. Professors Tian Shengqi from Korea University, Zhang Weixiong from Sapporo University, also made academic speeches on different topics.


Group Photo


The forum was one of the activities to celebrate Heilongjiang Province and Hokkaido’s 25-year friendship and the Confucius Institute in Sapporo University’s 5-year establishment. Many Japanese celebrities attended the forum and gave warm congratulations. The third International Advanced Forum on Rhetorical Communication Studies will be hosted in Egypt in 2013. The first one was hosted by Peking University in 2009.


Written by: Gao Hongfei
Edited by: Qian Xin
Source: PKU News

Photo by: PKU News