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Happy Birthday, School of Art

DEC . 13 2011

Peking University, December 11, 2011: On Dec.6, a grand show,designed and performed by students and teachers from Peking University (PKU) School of Art, was held at the PKU Hall. The performance was a ceremony to celebrate the fifth birthday of School of Art. Themed "Let the world appreciate the beauty of humanity", the evening show presented a kind of original beauty of humanity and the appeal of art to thousands of guests from both inside and outside the university.


The hosts

During the past years, the School of Art has paid much attention to both theoretical art and practical art. With everyone's great effort, now, it has produced many works of art of good quality, and the department was going to bring the works to audience. The performers ,including on-campus students art troupe, master of art candidates and graduated alumina. They brought two wonderful songs, My home,the beautiful grasslandand  and Pleasure of hunting, which have achieved the golden prize in the Glaz World Juniors Championships in Austria this year.


Group singing

Zhang Gonghao and Bo Song, famous directors from CCTV ,and graduated students of Master of Fine Arts(MFA) jointly directed the whole evening show. The well-known hosts from CCTV, Zhu Jun and Jing Wei and two students of MFA together acted as hosts. Various forms of performance were performed that night, including symphony performance, new folk music performance, singing and dancing, choir, unaccompanied singing of Shanbei folk songs and so on. The performers had wonderfully showed their talent and vitality.

It was a very unique chance that the performance best represented the artistic level of School of Art. Developing rapidly at PKU, inherited PKU's fine tradition of art and concerns for humanity, the School of Art had gave all the audience a grand show ,which not only had exhibited its great achievements , but also conveyed its determination to hold onto the value of humanity and pass it on to the next generations and innovate it constantly.


The audience spoke highly of the performance. Some of them said,"That's what a college student should be like! We appreciated it so much." Zhang Xu, the student representative of the first graduates of MFA, who has now become the dean of musical department from Beijing Dance Academy, answered the question from hosts ,"Going back to my old school tonight, it's like coming back home."

The fifth anniversary ceremony turned out to be a lively class, teaching all of the students to love their university ,love the school and love art. Hopefully that it could effectively help encourage the staff and promote the development of the School of Art.



Written by: Dong Zhiyao
Edited by: Qian Xin