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Special Jazz, Special Chopin

NOV . 09 2011

Peking University, Nov.9, 2011: Chopin's music has been played by many people in different occasions with different understandings. It has been expressed in an era where music is full of vigor and vitality. On November 6, the famous jazz musician Slawek-Jaskulke from Poland and four other distinguished musicians came to Peking University (PKU) to bring a big feast in classical and jazz music to all the music fans.  


The first half of the concert was the time for Katarzyna Borek, a famous woman pianist. Dressing in a long red night-dress, she played A flat major, Op.16 No.1 legendary song at first. The audience was all amazed at her brilliant skills and all applauded for her. After that was Minuet in G major, Op.14 No.1, in a lively tune. It also led to the first climax of the concert. The students at the PKU Hall held their breath, immersed in the music. The music expressed a scene where many boys came to the seashore, playing with the seashells and the spray. They burst into laughter. The seagulls flied over the sea with sunlight lighting up the whole world. As the tune of the music sped up continuously, it began to be more and more difficult. However, Katarzyna Borek handled the keyboard like an elegant princess.


The solo of the classical pianist Katarzyna Borek draws the audience (PKU Hall)


The first half ended in the audience's praise and applause. Then the second was arranged as the biggest climax of that night - Slawomir Jaskulke, Katarzyna Borek, Joanna Duda, Pawel Kaczmarczyk and Pawel Tomaszewski played at the same time. They sat in front of five different pianos, which raised all the audiences' passion.


Five pianists play the tunes of Chopin together (PKU Hall)


In the beginning, beautiful notes flowed through the fingers of Katarzyna Borek in the silent hall. Right, here came the classics. Suddenly, the tunes of jazz came out by Slawomir Jaskulke. His fingers danced between the black keys and the white keys. There was a perfect combination of classic and modern, a brilliant feeling of elegant and gentle. The tunes became stronger, which represented the high points of the music. Finally, with a pause, the musicians ended their first piece of music gracefully. After a short silence, the audience broke out cheers. not only for the wonderful performance of the artists, but for the tacit cooperation as well.


After that, the artists played Etude Op.25 No.10 and Op.64 No.2. Their personalities were immersed in the lively tunes or the depressed notes. They used their souls and spirits to play music, to show their love for music and the enthusiasm for life.


When the concert came to the end, the audiences stood up to show their appreciation and respect to the pianists. They transmitted the culture and helped to exchange the ideas and feelings in art. They also helped the ordinary people to deepen their understanding of Chopin and his music - music is the symbol of life, and the source of love.


After the concert, many students expressed their feelings of this performance. Yuan Shuo, a girl from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature said later," I have been learning to play piano from a rather young age. Until now, I have spent 3 hours in the practice room every week on average. From this performance, I got new ideas in the instruments and new feelings in composing music, as well as Poland and its culture. I hope there would be more concerts at PKU like this in the future."


The concert was held by Poland Embassy in Beijing, in order to exchange cultures and ideas.


Reported by: Feng Jiayang
Edited by: Arthars