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“Everybody Can Be a Journalist“

NOV . 22 2011

Peking University, Nov.10, 2011: The large public activity of the Journalist Day was held at Peking University (PKU) Hall on November 8, 2011, focusing on the topic of "Everybody Can Be a Journalist -- Face to Face with Famous Journalists, Reporters and Professors". Professor Yang He, vice chairman of PKU Council -- and many celebrities in the areas of academy and media, like Bai Yansong, Cui Yongyuan, Chen Xiaochuan and Zhang Yiwu -- attended the conference. The activity was hosted by Professor Yu Hong, vice dean of PKU School of Art and director of the Television Research Center.


Famous journalists and reporters gather at PKU Hall (PKU Hall)


The large public activity of Journalists Day has been held successfully for 7 years since 2005 at PKU Hall. In the past 6 years, the activity has continuously focused on the topic of "How Can We Be Good Journalists Today". The conference pays widely attention to the status of the society and the living conditions of journalists. Famous journalists and professors get together during the meeting each time, have a further discussion on the responsibilities of the public media, and express different ideas in the area of academy. This public activity has a great influence both on and outside the campus.


This time, the theme was "Everybody Can Be a Journalist". It focused on the freedom of the press, value orientation and the responsibility of the media since the Media Age.   Professor Yang He first delivered a speech, expressing the greetings and best wishes to all the journalists. He also noted that the improvements of the new technical methods and the raise of new problems of civil rights were both opportunities and challenges. At this special point, the topic of press freedom, value orientation and the responsibility of the media seemed to be very meaningful. After that, Dean Wang Yichuan, together with Vice Dean Yu Hong, also addressed their different opinions on the development of the media in different perspectives.


PKU Council Vice Chairman Yang He first delivers a speech  (PKU Hall)


The famous journalist and producer of China Central Television (CCTV), Mr. Bai Yansong, showed three key words: "Continuous running", "Ration", and "To hold the baseline of news". He also led the audience to think how to be a good journalist.


Bai Yansong (PKU Hall)


Mr. Shi Tongyu [researcher at the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences] used microblog to help the audience think about responsibility.


In the end, Professor Yu Hong summarized the main points and achievements of the meeting.


Besides, journalists from PKU TV presented the conference, and many other PKU students joined it as volunteers. They devoted themselves in the welcome reception, conference services, and microblog publications. Through this activity, they not only gained their knowledge facing the celebrities, but improved themselves in the volunteer work. As for a commemoration day for those with the specific profession, it is nothing – but such continuous working – that can truly deepen the meaning of the Journalist Day. In this way, their contribution just paid off.


Reported by: Feng Jiayang
Edited by: Arthars