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The Inauguration of BICMR's New Location

NOV . 01 2011

Peking University, Oct. 18, 2011: The new location of the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR) was formally inaugurated in Jingchun Garden in Peking University (PKU) on the morning of October 18. PKU President Zhou Qifeng, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Zhang Laiwu and representatives from China Mathematical Society and other mathematics research institutes at home and abroad attended the ceremony.



In his speech, Professor Tian Gang, director of BICMR, talked about the establishment and development of BICMR, its experience of attracting and training mathematical talents and its fruits of academic research.



In Professor Zhou’s speech, he said that the establishment of BICMR’s new location was a milestone in the disciplinal development and internationalization of PKU’s mathematical research. He expressed his wish that with the support of PKU, BICMR would become a world-class research institute which could train talented mathematicians and contribute to mathematical research in China.



In connection with the inauguration of the new location of BICMR, there was a three-day international conference Perspectives in Mathematics from October 17 to 19. Foreign mathematicians including U.S. and Germany researchers and leaders of the mathematics faculties and departments at other domestic universities and research institutes attended the forum. Attendees shared their experience of operating their research institutes and their vision about the latest development of mathematical theoretical research and practical application.



List of other main speakers at the ceremony:

Zhang Laiwu, vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology

Wang Jie, vice president of National Natural Science Foundation of China

Lei Chaozi, vice director of Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education

Robert Calderbank, dean of Natural Sciences at Duke University

Ma Zhiming, president of China Mathematical Society

Long Yiming, president of Chern Institute of Mathematics

Guo Lei, president of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Extended Reading:

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR)

BICMR was founded in 2005. Under the leadership of Professor Tian Gang, BICMR’s achievements in organizational reform, training of young mathematicians, academic research and domestic and international cooperation are remarkable. In accordance with national strategy and need, BICMR has founded the Topological Quantum Computing Laboratory and Modern Numerical Analysis and Application Laboratory. In recent years, teachers and students in BICMR have published more than 80 papers, some of which were published in top mathematical magazines such as Inventiones Mathematicae and Journal of American Mathematical Society. Each year, BICMR hosts more than 200 mathematicians from all over the world, including the Fields medal winners, academicians from National Academy of America and French Academy of Sciences, etc.



Written by: Chen Jiayu
Edited by: Li Xaiomeng
Source: PKU News (Chinese)