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New Film Festival lowers its curtain at PKU Hall

NOV . 22 2011

Peking University, Nov.14, 2011: On November 9, the closing ceremony of the 4th New Film Festival kicked off at Peking University (PKU) Hall.


During the ceremony, the organizing committee announced the names of the best short videos. It is said that there were 17 new movies produced by new directors in the section. In the commemoration section of the masters, the films of Jeanne Moreau, Ivens-Joris with his wife, and Chinese famous director Yang Dechang, were included. In the section of the short video competition, the committee received over 300 videos from countries like China, USA, Japan, France, Germany, etc. 


The Closing Ceremony kicks off at PKU Hall (PKU Hall)

As for the awards of the short video competition, young director Wang Zizhao was the biggest winner. He won the Best Actor and the Best Screenwriter by his work Utterly Fearless. What's more, his another film called Bad won the Best Movie. The director of The Soup, Fred. R. Willrant, won the best director. Photographer Tomas Etzold got the prize of Best Cinematography Award. Orna Porat picked up the Best Actress.


The young director becomes the biggest winner (PKU Hall)

The New Film Festival started on October 26 at PKU Hall. It lasted for half a month, exhibited in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanghai and Jinan at the same time. It provided a set of famous movies produced by famous masters in Hong Kong with many teachers and students. What's more, it also exhibited the new films and videos in 53 universities for more than 200 times.


Chou Sheng [former president of the Movie Association of Tsinghua University], Wang Xiaojian [vice principal of Beijing University of Chemical Technology], and other famous guests all appreciated the achievements of the new films. It also showed the love and care of movie fans in China.


Since the 2nd New Film Festival in 2009, this activity has been held three times at PKU Hall. It represents the new power of art and new stars of acting. From the pre-planning earlier to the details of the festival, as well as the managements related to the opening and closing ceremonies, the staff of PKU all helped and supported a lot. The organizing committee spoke highly of the festival here on the campus.


Reported by: Feng Jiayang
Edited by: Arthars