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【Anniversary Special】How to “identify“ PKU

MAY . 01 2011

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A special edition of PKU News in commemorating the 113th anniversary of Peking University.



Peking University, May 1, 2011: There might be a number of ways to "identify" PKU, but since June 2007, at least one approach has been standardized, as Peking University established its first ever VI system to celebrate its 110th birthday.


The Peking University Visual Identity System Management Handbook was issued on June 13, 2007, 11 month ahead of the 2008 anniversary celebration.


A PKU regulation on the VI system management was implemented accordingly.


The core VI element, the PKU Logo, has been developed based on Lu Xun's 1917 design. With a traditional Chinese "seal cutting" style, the logo presents both an all-embracing, profound meaning by the recessed design, and an open, innovative gesture by the raised design.


The former emblems have been widely applied and recognized, but they wanted standardization, said Professor Chen Wenshen, then executive vice president of PKU when introducing the new system.


The VI system adheres to the tradition and brings convenience for identification, promotion, and production, added Professor Chen.


The name of the university, "Beijing Daxue," was inscribed by Mao Zedong, then Chairman of both the Communist Party of China and the Central People's Government of the People's Republic.



The VI system management handbook (File photo)


PKU logo designed by Lu Xun in August 1917 (File photo)






PKU Logo







PKU Logo - Beijing Daxue (inscribed by Mao Zedong)













Reverse type



 Standard Beida Red (Peking University Red)


Supplementary colors


Background color in application


Other reverse types


Wrong application



Font: Georgia (Regular)







Font: Founder heiti jianti (FZHTJW)





Font: Arial (Regular) and Georgia (Regular)




Supplementary graphs



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Edited by: Jacques

Source: Office of Identity Management