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PKU Today in History – May 28: PKU-MSU Joint Graduate School established in Moscow

MAY . 28 2011

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PKU Today in History - a daily column featuring historic events regarding PKU and PKUers.



2000 — Concert held in memory of Cai Yuanpei and Xiao Youmei  

A concert was held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the deaths of former PKU President Cai Yuanpei and alumnus Xiao Youmei at the auditorium of PKU Administrative Building on May 28, 2000.


Cai Yuanpei (1868-1940)


President Cai Yuanpei was one of the most important and influential presidents of Peking University (PKU).


Xiao Youmei (1884-1940)


Xiao Youmei (1884-1940) was a Chinese educator and composer. Having earned his doctorate in Germany, Xiao founded China's first institute of higher education in music, the former National Conservatory, in 1927 in Nanjing.


Xiao was also one of the first Chinese composers to use Western composition techniques. He composed more than 100 songs and a number of symphonic and chamber music pieces.


Relatives of PKU’s former president Yan Fu, Cai Yuanpei, Jiang Menglin, and students and faculty from PKU, Tsinghua University, Central Conservatory of Music, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the concert.



2002 — PKU-MSU Joint Graduate School Program established in Moscow 

PKU-MSU (Moscow State University) Joint Graduate School Program was established in Moscow on May 28, 2002.


It was the first joint graduate school set up by prestigious universities of China and Russia.


Moscow State University was established in 1755, and is one of the oldest Russian institutions of higher education. It has maintained extensive exchanges in math, biology and medicine with PKU in recent years.  During the 200th anniversary of MSU in 1956, the then PKU President Ma Yinchu attended the celebration and gave a piece of embroidery with a full view of MSU as a present. Though the relationship between China and Russia became worse later, this piece of embroidery was hung in Moscow University all the time. 


The establishment of this joint graduate school will improve the academic level of both universities, and strengthen the cooperation between the two countries. 


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2002 — Shao Huaze appointed dean of PKU School of Journalism and Communication  

Shao Huaze, former editor-in-chief and president of the People’s Daily and then president of the All-China Journalists Association, was appointed dean of the re-launched PKU School of Journalism and Communication. PKU Council Chairman Min Weifang presented the certificate of appointment to him and delivered a welcome speech. The celebration of the first anniversary of the establishment of School of Journalism and Communication was later held in Shao Yuan.


Professor Shao Huaze, dean of PKU School of Journalism and Communication



Written by: Cao Yixing
Edited by: Chen Miaojuan
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