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PKU holds student meeting on Twelfth Five-Year Plan

APR . 22 2011

Peking University, Apr. 22, 2011: In order to promote the drafting of Peking University’s (PKU) Twelfth Five-Year Plan, PKU Office of Development and Planning organized a student meeting on Apr. 15, after establishing an open website for collecting suggestions of PKU’s Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Eighteen students of twelve schools and departments attended the meeting as representatives of Student Union, Student-organized associations, and ordinary students. Prof. Yang Kaizhong, director of PKU Office of Development and Planning presided over the meeting.

Prof. Yang expounded the background and the framework of PKU’s Twelfth Five-Year Plan. "PKU invites active involvement from students, staff, alumnus, and all the society in the drafting of Twelfth Five-Year Plan.Students, who receive education and participate in academic research here, almost stay on campus for twenty-four hours a day, and thus have deep and profound impressions on how the university runs in terms of teaching, research, and management. Such experience is valuable for the reform and development of PKU” says Prof. Yang. He hoped that students would participate in the drafting of Twelfth Five-Year Plan with a more open and active manner and a deep sense of responsibility.



According to their own experience, the students present offered various helpful suggestions in regard to teaching, international exchanges, culture on campus, fundamental facilities, and administrative services. A student said that PKU undergraduate students had to take too many courses, and each course only had few credits, so he hoped that the university could offer more challengeable courses with more credits and higher requirements. They also suggested that PKU attach more importance on the construction of traditional subjects like literature, history, and philosophy, expand further its international exchanges with other universities to provide more opportunities for students to study abroad, improve itself on public relations crisis, and extend its public influence.

Students also expressed their opinions on the crowded condition of dining halls, the defect of drainage system, and the safety of laboratories. Conversation flowed freely during the meeting. Students posed many crucial questions, as well as the solutions, fully showing their senses of responsibility and participation.

Finally, Prof. Yang made a summary of the meeting. He appreciated students' care for the development of PKU and their active participation in its construction. He hoped that students would collect more information and report the problems they’ve found by way of the president’s mailbox, continuing to make contribution to PKU’s development. PKU would consider the suggestions of students in the process of drawing up the Twelfth Five-Year Plan.

This student meeting is the first step of suggestion collection about the drafting of Twelfth Five-Year Plan. PKU Office of Development and Planning will arrange more meetings of related departments to make the best-laid Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Below is the suggestion collection mailbox:


Written by: Cao Yixing
Edited by: Chen Miaojuan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)