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PKU Today in History - Apr. 15: Farewell to feudalism

APR . 15 2011

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PKU Today in History - a daily column featuring historic events regarding PKU and PKUers.



1920 - Farewell to feudalism


On April 15, 1920, nine female auditors were enrolled in the Chinese, English, and Philosophy departments at Peking University, which pioneered the practice of allowing female students to receive public education in Chinese history as a symbol of emancipation from feudalism.


         Group photo of first female auditors at Peking University


2003 - PKU faces threat of SARS

On April 15, 2003, Peking University faced a direct threat of SARS: School of Economics at Peking University was compelled to change students’ mode of attendance, after one professor there turned to be a SARS suspect and several professors were under segregation.



   SARS threats at Peking University


2006 - PKU establishes School of Arts

On April 15, 2006, Peking University announced the establishment of School of Arts. PKU School of Arts follows Chinese arts tradition, and it focuses on training elites on the study, criticism, and education of arts. The school includes four departments: Arts, Music, Fine Arts and Visual Arts. Besides, there are six research institutes, including the Institute of Cultural Industry, Institute of Calligraphy, and Center for Television Research.



  Ceremony for the establishment of PKU School of Arts


Written by: Zhao Ning
Edited by: Chen Miaojuan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)