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To memorize the December 9th Movement: Singing Competition at PKU

DEC . 13 2011

Peking University, Dec.9, 2011: This year is the 76th anniversary of the December 9th Movement, a patriotic student movement that took place in Beijing in 1935. To memorize this movement, every year, PKU will hold a singing competition, calling for every student from different departments to take part in. On the night of December 8, the first group contest was held at PKU Hall.


PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu acted as cantor


The annual chorus competition in memory of the December 9th Movement is a traditional and influential school activity at PKU. This year, the competition was divided into three parts. Teams were divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. With the support of PKU TV, the shows of the three parts would be on live TV.


President Zhou Qifeng acted as the leading singer


In the first part of the competition, Group B, made up of school administrators, faculty members and Students, performed a opening group chorus led by PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu. Their passionate Sing for My Motherland gained much applause from the audience. PKU President Zhou Qifeng acted as the leading singer when the chorus sang The Thought is the Glory of a Century , the lyrics of the song was written by Professor Xie Mian.



Minjin Chorus, Faculty Members’ Chorus, Professors’ Chorus and the Young People Chorus from PKU People’s Hospital also took part in the performance. The songs included Nanni Bay , Tides in Hong Lake and Embroider the Red Flag , etc. Nearly every performance had gained much attention from the audience. After the opening performance, seven student teams consisting of students from eight departments of PKU took the stage. Students combined chorus with colorful art forms, including dancing, instrumental music, drama and so forth to enrich the form and content of their performance.



Here is a list of songs presented by some of the teams:


School of Life Science: Song of League Members and High-spirited Life

Health Science Center: Song of League Members and In the Bright Sunshine

College of Engineering: Remember Forever and Evening Primrose

School of Earth and Space Sciences: In the Taihang Mountains and Raise Your Headdress

College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering and Department of History: Song of League Members and Azalea

School of Arts: The Moon Rises and Song of the Yangtze River

College of Urban and Environmental Sciences: The East is Red and Name the Tune


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Written by: Chen Jiayu
Edited by: Qian Xin