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“Lei Feng” spirit alive at PKU

MAR . 27 2012


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Peking University, Mar. 10, 2012: In the run-up to March 5, Peking University (PKU) students volunteered to help the needy and thus practiced the “Lei Feng” spirit to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the start of the “Learn from Lei Feng” campaign.


On the morning of March 3, Volunteers of PKU Third Hospital gathered in outpatient hall of the hospital and worked as guides for patients. When they were asked about locations and directions by patients and then they would lead them the way. Also, they would hand the elder people carefully and accompany them to see the doctor if they cannot walk properly, and expressed their sincere concerns to alleviate patients’ anxiety. Every time they offered to help, they felt the gratitude from the patient, which strengthened the satisfying happiness of helping people and that’s what the “Lei Feng” spirit signified. 


Volunteers gathered in front of the hospital, setting out to help patients 


Students from the School of Foreign Languages also practiced the “Lei Feng” spirit by voluntarily cleaning for the Campus dining hall on PKU campus. Staffs there told them their daily routines and shared experience in cleaning. 


  Students are helping cleaning the dining halls to make the campus more clean and tidy


A team of volunteers from the EECS College offered to help clean computers and fix bugs in computer systems for teachers and students on campus. It has become a routine activity each semester and receives positive feedback.


These are a just few of many different kinds of activities that people from all circles of the society will do every year, in honor and in memory of the late son of the Chinese people, Lei Feng. 


Lei Feng, a dedicated soldier, a loved son, a warm-hearted helper of the Chinese people


Lei Feng was born in 1940 and joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army in 1960. On August 15, 1962, he died from an accident while on duty, only 22. During his short life, Lei Feng did many good deeds without revealing his name. He sent his meager savings to the parents of a fellow soldier who had been hit by a flood; he washed his buddies' feet after a long march; he went all-out to show his devotion to the revolutionary cause…


The lifelong practice of his motto that “being a revolutionary screw that never rusts” kept him a moral icon for the Chinese people forever. He becomes the personification of selfishness, dedication and willingness to help. In 1963, the Chinese announced March 5 every year to be “learn from Lei Feng Day” and called upon people to learn from the “Lei Feng” spirit. This spirit still proves to be an invaluable virtue in building up a harmonious society in China today.



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Written by: Fang Runiu
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)