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2012 Urban Planning Graduation Exhibition

JUN . 20 2012

Peking University, June 19, 2012: The Department of Urban & Regional Planning at Peking University (PKU) has announced its first Undergraduate Urban Planning Exhibition — “Rolling Cities”, which runs from June 19 to June 24. The exhibition is open to public, featuring works by the outgoing students of the 2007 Urban Planning Class.



The Exhibition


The “Rolling Cities” Exhibition is creatively organized and sub-themed into six sections: “Through the Ages”, “Conceptual City”, “Landscape & Metropolis”, “City Plugin”, “The Residential City”, and “Urban Fantasy”. Altogether the six sub-themes present the class’s design projects and research works coming out of the five year urban planning program, the students’ thoughts and insights on urban issues, as well as memorable moments they spent together as a loving class. It provides a great opportunity to see the students’ exemplary work. Current and potential students can get an idea of what is in store for them as an Urban Planning senior; while students and faculties from other majors, friends and family of the grads savour the amazing talent the 2007 Urban Planning Class has.



Prof. Lv Bin gives the opening speech


This first-time exhibition is the result of an initiative and collective effort of the 2007 Urban Planning Class, especially key members of the organizing committee who have dedicated time and passion to the event. PKU Professor Lv Bin, Chen Yaohua, Liu Gengnian, Chai Yanwei, Zhang Tianxin, Feng Jian, and Chu Jianqun were present at today’s opening ceremony.



2007 Urban Planning Class and present professors


It is hoped that from now on the event could become an annual tradition, where every year the graduating urban planning students could come together to present their best and inspiring works in one final show.



Exhibition Organizing Committee:

CHEN Yang, ZHANG Qianqian, YANG Linlin, CHEN Liqun, WANG Gege, FAN Xing, LUO Sheng, QIAO Miao, ZHANG Hongmou, LI Xiaomeng, LIU Jian, SUN Hao, WANG Tianyao, LI Zhi, DING Qian



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Reported by: Li Xiaomeng