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Justin Yifu Lin back to PKU

JUL . 05 2012

Peking University, June 18, 2012: After finishing his four years’ tenure as the chief economist and senior vice-president of the Word Bank, Justin Yifu Lin, the founder of China Center for Economic Research (CCER) and BiMBA, came back to Beijing.

Lin was warmly welcomed by the leaders and colleagues of the university. Shanlu Zhu, Chairman of the PKU Council spoke highly of Lin’s contribution to the World Bank and world economy. “Professor Lin is the outstanding representative of PKU’s scholar’s participation in decision-making in world economy. PKU is very proud of Lin and I believe that Lin’s returning will promote the development of National School of Development (NSD), the exploration of new economic theories and the construction of PKU School”, Zhu said.

During the past four years, Lin has made great contribution to promoting the communication between China and the World Bank, as well as between different countries. Lin knows very well about the economic situations and problems faced by developing countries, therefore the World Bank has increased its support and assistance to those countries in recent years. In 2011, the total amount of assistance provided by the World Bank reached 57.4 billion, which was more than the amount provided before the crisis. Since 2008, the total promised assistance has reached 189 billion. Lin proposed the theoretical framework of “new structural economics” which enriched the research of the world’s development economics and achieved the initial results in Africa and Central Asia.

Lin expressed his gratitude for PKU’s support and said his main task in the World Bank was leading the research team to provide helpful predictions and suggestions for the president on world’s economic development, particularly for developing countries.

In recent years, China’s international influence has been greatly reinforced, so as the voice of developing countries. I believe that we will have more chance in the world stage only if our country is powerful”, he noted. He said he would continue his research and make more contribution to PKU’s development.


Written by: Dong Zhiyao
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU news(Chinese)