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Interpreting Life with Limbs

APR . 15 2012

Peking University, April 10th, 2012: On the evening of April 4th and 5th, the drama "Nine Moments" was put on at Peking University Hall. As the first performance of the "2012 New Culture " performance season, it brought the audience fresh and brilliant feelings.

There were no complicated settings, colorful costumes, or even dialogues. The four actors and actresses only used simple props and gray tight-fitting dance clothes to express the complex emotional life of nine different moments. 


The actors express complex feelings through body language

The whole drama has no text tips. The audience could only guess what kind of emotion the actors and actresses were going to convey by observation: love, loneliness, enemy or nostalgia. The body drama is a minority of the drama genre. The design aims to leave the audience more room for interpretation and imagination.

"Farewell" is the most cheerful scene, the musical form and bright lights made the audience very pleased. "Enemies" reflects a deep sense of black humor. The performances of actors triggered the laughter of the audience. 


"Nine Moments" displays the charm of body drama

The "Scramble","Detained" and "love” combined elements in dancing. Repression, resistance, embrace and escaping were all expressed by the simple but powerful body language. Accompanied by the rhythmic music, each movement was just like a silent cry. The expression of despair or fortitude was repeated, along with the alternating cold and warm light. The audience were deeply immersed in these lives in an instant but eternal moment.  

"Loneliness" tells the story between an old man and a fish. The red rubber gloves gained immediate access to fresh life in the actor's hands whether it was swimming in the aquarium or struggling on the ground. The moans of the old man expressed endless despair and loneliness. The drama still did not forget to reflect the concern for the elderly.


The four actors present a differernt understanding of life

"Nostalgia" is the most dramatic scene. Death gave a dying girl a few more minutes to stay in the world and let her buy what she likes in the world.  The girl merrily pushed a shopping cart back onto the earth. She would like to take her mother's apron, her father's glasses, a childhood doll and a pair of beautiful shoes. But soon Death came for her. No matter how she struggled, she couldn’t escape.

The drama ended in the applause of the audiences. After the drama, many viewers had  heated discussion with the creative staff. The drama brought to the audience a different night at Peking University. The troupe will create more outstanding dramas to give the audience more exciting theater experience.


Written by: Feng Jiayang
Edited by: Yan Binghan
PKU Hall