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Great choral works performed at PKU

APR . 16 2012

Peking University, Apr. 7, 2012: On the evening of April 7, the large-scale choral work "Carmina Burana" took place at Peking University (PKU) Hall. As one of the performances of the 10th anniversary of the International Festival Chorus, the concert included various types of music. It not only presented the outstanding achievements of the choir in the recent 10 years, but brought the audience a colorful climax with such a visual feast.



The first half was made from 23 pieces of solo string music by Richard Straus and Eric Whitacre's "Heavy Rain". "Heavy Rain" is a model for the modern music and is also one of the best-known works of Whitacre. The song is really novel, with a random cappella in the first part and a piece of solo singing in the second part. It shows a discordant tone, contagious and impressive. After formally entering into the first part of "Heavy Rain", the choir made the sounds with fingers, clapping, etc. to simulate the rain and the thunder plate. Dozens of singers sang the song full of tension and made it straight into the dome.  They gave the audience the perfect combination of body movements and unpredictable melody.    



"Metamorphosis" is regarded as one of the 20th century's most important works of string. The music is gorgeous, with thick bass gradually turned into a faster one.  "Metamorphosis" comes from the title of Goethe's poem. The melody appealed to the audience.


After the intermission, the International Festival Chorus and Xinya Air Chamber Orchestra brought the audience the theme of the concert - "Carmina Burana". This is a collection of poetries and articles in the 11-13 century of the Portfolio, which mixed with the Medieval Latin, Old German and French. It was found in a monastery in Bavaria in 1803. Carl Orff, a German composer in 20th century, organized and created it.



By the end of the concert, the music echoed the beginning. It repeated the "Fate of God "in a great and heavy, strong mood. The director, conductor Nick Smith, Mr. Huo Ran went up to the stage. The audiences burst into thunderous applause and prolonged cheers.


Written by: Feng Jiayang

Edited by: Arthars

Source: PKU Hall