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Beijing Symphony Orchestra arrives at PKU

APR . 06 2012

Peking University, Mar. 29, 2012: With the spring of 2012 getting nearer, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, led by the world-famous conductor, Mr. Tan Lihua, arrived at Peking University (PKU) on March 21. The concert gave the audience a new feeling of happiness and warmth.



As one of the performances of the “Taking Refined Art into Campuses” series, the concert was aimed to promote the understanding of art among the students. In 2011, with both the help of PKU staff and the great support of Beijing Symphony Orchestra, an earlier activity was a great success. It attracted lots of people on and off campus. This time, the activity was based on the successful experience, and was trying to find new ideas about music and art. In the perspective of music, Beijing Symphony Orchestra chose a few classical symphonic sketches. It also played a complete piece of symphony. The audience had no  need to worry about the difficult meaning of the music because Mr. Tan Lihua had explained every piece of music to the audience before the music started. The students not only enjoyed the music, but broadened their horizon as well.


Mr. Tan Lihua explains the music to the audience.


The concert began with the work of the well-known composer of the Soviet Union, Dmitry Dmitrievitch Shostakovitch. His work is energetic and harmonious. The audience seemed to be immersed in the scene of a festival square, with colorful flags and cheerful people around. The beat of a clarinet was just like the steps of many dancers. People were spending the festival in a happy mood.


Then came the work of Johann Strauss, which was more familiar to the audience. It describes the scenes of spring, when the land wakes up from winter and the animals begin to hunt for life. It shows the love for nature and the passion for life.


The music of the famous opera Carmen then took the audience to Spain, a beautiful and charming country.



Mr. Tan Lihua is the conductor of Beijing Symphony Orchestra.


The concert brought the audience into the deep heart of the musicians and composers. Li Xiaobo, a student from the Department of Sociology, said, “Sometimes I can feel the happiness and elegance from the bottom of the musicians’ hearts. However, some music tells me that those great musicians also get troubles in life. We need to struggle against the misfortune. I also get more knowledge of music which I can never attain in my class.”


Written by: Feng Jiayang
Edited by: Arthars
PKU Hall