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Outstanding Chinese celebrities gather at PKU

APR . 06 2012

Peking University, Mar. 31, 2012: The tears and laughters of wonderful achievements burst out tonight at Peking University (PKU) Hall.


On March 31, “You Bring Charm to the World Award Ceremony” was held at PKU, which drew great attention from around the world. Those who had made great contribution to their own field in the past year were invited to the ceremony.


Chinese American astrophysicist Fan Zhongpei attends the ceremony


The ceremony aimed to set good examples among Chinese and praise the achievements of the Chinese celebrities. The outstanding people who came from the field of technology, public affairs, sports and arts were invited.


The prize winners all walked up to the stage and received the cheers from all Chinese people. These people included Wang Ganjun (the first Chinese who entered the space), Lin Dan and Jeremy Lin (top athletes in badminton and basketball), Ye Dexian (famous Chinese actress), Liu Lu (young mathematician who conquered the famous difficult conjecture Theta pan conjecture at the age of 22), Chen Ping (dean of the National Grand Theatre).



Badminton player Lin Dan gets the award.


The ceremony also gave the Lifetime Achievement Award to four brilliant masters - Huang Miaozi, Wu Dayan, Jiang Ying and Feng Feifei.


During the ceremony, elites at different ages and from different fields showed their deep love for the nation and the sincere greatness to the audience. They were really proud of the nation, and would try their best to make further investigations or achievements in their own fields.


The famous Hong Kong actress Ye Dexian shows her deep love for the nation


When presenting the award to the National Grand Theatre in the field of public affairs, Cai Wu, China’s Minister of Culture, said, “In order to realize the Chinese people’s Great Revival, we must first learn to revive our culture first. Because of that, the National Grand Theatre is not only the place and stage for art, but a great and important stage in the process of culture revival as well.”


It was the sixth time for the “You Bring Charm to the World Award Ceremony” held at PKU since the first time in 2007. During the six years, PKU has received many outstanding celebrities and organizations and the campus itself has become a stage to show the beauty and intelligence of Chinese people.



Written by: Feng Jiayang

Edited by: Arthars

Source: PKU Hall