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PKU beat Tsinghua in the CUBA game

DEC . 04 2011

Peking University, Dec, 3, 2011: On the morning of Nov.26th, Peking University (PKU) Men’s Basketball Team beat Tsinghua, winning the 14th CUBA (Chinese University Basketball Association) champion in Beijing region. The result was 92:86.


The game started at 10:20 a.m. in Peking University Gymnasium and it was considered to be a game fighting for the champion, since both PKU and Tsinghua University had won all the previous 7 games. The competition was fierce: In the first quarter, PKU beat Tsinghua by the score 23:20; In the seconde quarter, PKU got 43:40; In the third quarter, PKU players made some mistakes due to physical fatigue, while the opponents performed well and scored the counter-ultra goal, winning by 70:66; then, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, players from PKU Women’s Basketball Team came to watch the game, not only boosting the players' spirits but also making the atmosphere more intense. PKU performed much better and exceeded the opponents by 10 scores. However, players from Tsinghua University didn't give up and once narrowed the points merely by 4 scores. In the end, PKU won the game and the final result was 92:86. 



One thing is noteworthy that it is the very first time that PKU Men’s Basketball Team won Tsinghua. Counting this victory, PKU has finally got the 14th CUBA champion.



Written by: Gao Hongfei
Edited by: Qian Xin